Why IDLC embraced Creatio’s Low-Code platform for CRM as a driver for business innovation

March 05, 2021

IDLC Finance Limited, the largest multi-product, multi-segment non-banking financial institution in Bangladesh, has a presence in 20 cities represented by 40 branches and booths. What started as a single product lease finance company back in 1985 with just 5 staff members, has multiplied into 1400 employees serving almost 50,000 clients. As one of the most respected financial brands in the industry, IDLC holds a solid and diversified footing in SME, Retail, Corporate and Capital Market segments.

IDLC’s impressive growth thus far propagated a new, ruthless objective to grow its customer base from 50,000 to half a million. Such ambitious goals require a robust and innovative CRM system, one that is nimble and dynamic, to provide flexibility and perpetual relevance to the financial institution’s growth plans. ILDC understands that customer wants and needs, and industry requirements change, as such, a low-code platform, agile and easy to use was paramount. IDLC appreciates that low-code helps make the most of any window of opportunity, which is why Creatio’s low-code platform for business process management and CRM was their #1 choice.  

Mir Tariquzzaman, CTO at IDLC Finance Limited, recently shared the company’s future plans and how the team at the financial institution intend on achieving them using Creatio. “Sales force driven by people is finite, you can’t expand it beyond a certain scope,” stated Mir. But with the right technology by their side to complement their existing infrastructure, the opportunities are limitless. Watch the customer interview to hear how IDLC plans to use Creatio’s low-code platform to drive business innovation and expand their customer portfolio 10-fold. 

Watch customer interview: 

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