Streamline marketing campaigns with advanced campaign management capabilities

Bpm’online 7.13 features new [Triggered addition] element that provides users with the ability to launch marketing campaigns when system data is added or updated. For instance, users can configure a campaign that will send confirmation emails to new event participants immediately, upon their registration.

In addition, bpm’online users will also benefit from an upgraded campaign page layout that is tailored to analyze the conversion rate between various campaign stages. This feature is also good at identifying campaign bottlenecks.

Deepen the personalization of your email campaigns with all-new email tools

The latest release enables users to deeply personalize email templates thanks to the ability to use macros in the email subject, which allows, for instance, for adding the recipient’s name in the email subject.

Furthermore, we significantly improved email contact preference management capabilities. Users are now able to choose optimal mass mail sending frequency and set a limit of emails per recipient: if a contact reaches the limit by at least one of the applicable restrictions, bpm’online will not send the next scheduled email.

The content designer provides the capability to customize the text, which is displayed for the recipient as a preview (instead of the first three email content lines). In addition, thanks to latest update, users can create the emails with more appealing design. Since the content styles settings were simplified, adjusting indentation, creating paddings between text, setting a border style and changing the background color of the email became even easier.

Additionally, the new release provides capabilities to test email campaigns before sending them to customers, which minimizes the probability of errors and improves overall efficiency.

Accelerate marketing efficiency with brand new connectors

With Dotmailer connector, bpm’online users are able to pull email responses from Dotmailer back into the contacts and synchronize their Dotmailer campaign responses to existing contacts, including opens clicks, hard bounces, and soft bounces or unsubscribe.

WordPress landing pages connector allows for connecting the contact forms of custom WordPress landing pages with landing pages in bpm’online. Users can link website contact forms with any of the 4 types of landing pages, including Lead, Order, Case and Event registration. The connector provides capabilities to map lookup fields and create drop-downs in the website forms while low-code configuration allows for quick connecting WordPress and bpm'online in a few clicks.

With Kickfire connector, identifying anonymous web visitors as well as integrating account data into bpm'online as leads is not a problem anymore. It is possible to identify website visitor’s company based on their IP addresses.

Building highly personalized marketing campaigns and reaching decision makers across various channels became much easier thanks to the Influ2 connector that offers advanced analytics capabilities. Users can track specific contacts who responded to the company advertising as well as monitor website visits and time spent on specific landing pages. The best part about the tool is that only preselected people see the ads – users can improve their brand recognition by showing carefully crafted messages to the right people.

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Enhance decision-making with upgraded AI and analytics tools

The newest release introduces extensive capabilities that allow users to automatically predict successful closing of opportunities based on the historical and real-time data. This helps your sales reps concentrate on the most mature and high quality leads.

The system was enhanced with the new “Lead - Opportunity” pipeline dashboard, which allows for effective tracking of each customer journey stage – from the first point of contact to a successful deal closure. The pipeline includes information about leads and sales and can display the number of records, stage conversion rate and pipeline conversion.

Boost sales productivity with all-new marketplace add-ons

Users can now take advantage of the Opportunity Completeness marketplace add-on. The solution allows for customizing the calculation of the opportunity data completeness based on the selected fields and their values.

Besides, bpm’online users can leverage enhanced capabilities for file management. New File management connector speeds up and simplifies file management processes by providing the users with the tools to manage the file directory, load, move and delete files in one click, set the type of file storage, store multiple file versions and many others.

Streamline sales processes with new connectors on bpm’online marketplace

Synchronizing inventory, sales, customer and billing information is now easier than ever before thanks to the InterWeave eCommerce Gateway automates the transfer of data between bpm’online and an eCommerce store, financial accounting system, databases, etc.

InterWeave Payment Gateway connector enables users to collect payments from consumer bank or credit card accounts as well as transfer data between bpm'online or websites and merchant providers. Users can take advantage of the three different options to set up the billing process for their online customers: real-time payment, scheduled payments and recurring payments. InterWeave Payment Gateway connects the system with diverse payment services including, Transfirst, PayPal, iCash, Teledraft and others.

All-new FedEx connector greatly simplifies managing shipments and accelerates delivery. It facilitates syncing the information about the customers' shipping and accelerates the deliveries through automation of the core processes.

Exact Online connector serves as a template for integration of two systems and may be enhanced with additional features. What’s more, Exact Online can be adapted to specific use cases, including field mapping, process flow, notifications and others.


Improve service management with new case management capabilities

The new version offers upgrades to help improve your service performance.

Bpm’online 7.13 features improved UI, which essentially simplifies case management. Users are able to process lengthy emails in a single interface. Besides, the case history has been reworked and upgraded both on the self-service portal and in the Processing tab of the case page.

Additionally, all the records are shown without a vertical scroll bar. Bigger emails are now collapsed and to display the full text of the email, all you need is to click the [Show more] button. What’s more, now users can preview images attached to portal messages and emails. Image thumbnails are available for employees, while the portal users can quickly view any attached image by clicking it in the list of attachments.

Moreover, the newest version provides the ability to create a new case from an existing case communication email thread. All they need to do is just select a text in an email from the case message in the history and click the button. In such a case, bpm’online copies the values of the fields which [Make copy] checkbox is selected in the section wizard to the new case.

We have also implemented copying of multilingual email templates and now when a user copies a template, all existing translations for that template will be copied as well.

Enhance your customer reach with upgraded multilingual tools

Supporting customers across the globe became easier with bpm’online new update – now the system allows for sending multilingual email notifications. The system determines the language based on the support mailbox settings. This enables sending case registration notifications in the native language of the customer without additional setup.

In addition, users can now configure other template versions right in the content designer without having to go to the template page.

Obtain detailed customer feedback with new Conducting surveys add-on

Bpm’online 7.13 introduces new add-on for conducting surveys. From survey questions preparation to storing customer interview results – the tool covers all stages of creating an effective survey. The solution works best for companies striving to systematically get and save customer feedback. Another great thing about the add-on is that it enables users to store different answer types, such as drop-down, boolean, number and text.


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Simplify the management of complex processes with all-new project management capabilities

The newest release features improved project management capabilities that allow for copying projects along with their tasks, which significantly accelerates the workflow. In such a case, the project and task dates are modified using the current date as the start date for the copied project.

Accelerate productivity with enhanced data management tools

The latest release provides even more comprehensive tools to make data management more effective and faster.

Now bpm’online instantly indexes all the entered data, which means all the newly added, changed or updated data is synchronized immediately. What’s more, users have the ability to enable or disable data indexing for a particular section whenever they need.

We added a great number of features to simplify working with filters and folders. For example, it is possible to quickly convert a dynamic folder to a static one and save all records from the converted static folder in the new dynamic folder. Additionally, you can use the “Select all” action on a list of filtered records to add them to a static folder.

Revamped “Timeline” tab allows for more convenient information overview as the data is displayed in either expanded or collapsed mode depending on the record size. The best thing is now users don’t need to refresh the page to update the data.

The newest release also features the expanded text formatting functionality in the Notes and Emails sections. Now users can cancel or redo the last action, change the size of the added image, use hot keys to instantly create a link from a text or image, change paragraphs indentation and more.

With version 7.13, users can take advantage of drill down mobile analytics capabilities. Now it is possible to not only obtain complete analytics on any system data, but to view the each indicator data in details by simply clicking on it.

Accelerate adoption with extended administrative enhancements

In the new version 7.13, we improved deduplication tools, and now users are able to initiate the search by clicking the “Run duplicate search” link on the duplicate search page.

We also added even more capabilities for data import, which provide the capability to specify values of Boolean fields during Excel import in a more convenient format.

Easily process customer data in accordance with the GDPR policy

With the latest release, we added even more capabilities for registering permissions and restrictions to process personal data from data subjects and build further interaction based on the consent. With new GDPR for bpm’online add-on, users can easily manage personal data in compliance with European GDPR regulation.

The add-on empowers users with the tools to manage permissions from the data subjects for processing their personal data in the “GDPR” section. Additionally, it is also possible to view current permissions on personal data usage and automatically maintain the ‘Do not use communications’ checkboxes in the Contact page based on the permission granted. Users are also able to add a permission functionality to other sections in case of necessity.


Speed up system configuration with all-new Machine Learning tools

In the newest version, we added a brand new capability to create custom machine learning models without coding. For example, a user can specify model parameters without the necessity to manually create a data selection script and selecting the column, which will be used to save the forecast results. These models can use historical and real-time data to predict the probability of a specific target event.

In addition, now the system automatically predicts the values in any numeric field based on historical data. This provides bpm’online users with the ability to determine sales amount, estimate case processing time or predict any other value based on object characteristics.

Boost app delivery and development with more low-code capabilities

Bpm’online version 7.13 features improved process designer, which allows for more efficient process management. New [Predict data] element allows for configuring business logic to predict field values based on the ML models.

We also added capability to customize the pre-configured pages in business processes by utilizing additional data sources. Users should only specify which system section should be used as a data source.

Easily integrate bpm’online with other software thanks to the powerful integration features

The latest bpm’online version provide more capabilities to simplify integration with other systems. For instance, now users are able to configure the integration by simply specifying the complete web service call address. Upgraded [Call web service] element can now process collections of records allowing users to pass a collection of parameters in a web service request.

Moreover, we added OAuth 2.0 authentication for web services called from business processes. A system administrator can now add shared application accounts that will be used for calling web services that support OAuth 2.0.

Accelerate customization with more sophisticated tools for citizen development

We enhanced the Section wizard UX for easier page settings configuration. We moved all the page designer tools to the main tab, and all the page configuration tools are opened in a separate view.

With the newest release, users are capable to configure business rules and work with the source code of quick view. When working with the section wizard, the page designer and pop-up summary designer are opened in separate windows, which allows for customizing the page view, business rules and source code for each page separately.

In addition, users can take advantage of Advanced Dashboard Designer for deeper and more detailed analytics. This add-on provides extended analytics capabilities with drag’n’drop tools and WYSIWYG designer. Users are able to easily fine-tune the necessary widgets and add a widget of the required size to a specific area just in 2 clicks. What’s more, the live preview mode allows for immediate determining the optimal size and area for the widget.

Drive seamless bpm’online operation with architecture improvements

In bpm’online 7.13, users can experience the advantages of PostgreSQL support, the world’s most advanced open source database. Thanks to this update, there is no more need to pay for hosting since the database can be hosted on free operating systems (Linux, Unix).

Also we added the support for a fail-safe Redis server configuration, which means all the components of the system are fault-tolerant and all bpm’online operating information will remain intact even if the initial version of Redis fails. If one of Redis servers is crashed, it switches automatically to another server, so that bpm’online can continue working smoothly.

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