Customize your personal and company portal profiles with more personalized extensions

Version 7.15 features new extensions for citizen developers to customize personal and company profiles on the portal. All main portal-related settings are available in the “Portal” group in System Designer.

Enhanced portal capabilities for first-class user access rights management

The update includes additional tools for managing users and their access rights on the bpm’online portal which allows you to effortlessly share necessary data with specific users.

Bpm’online 7.15 enables portal administrators to easily grant access rights to portal users by specifying their role in the organization profile. The administrator of the main system determines the list of roles available for organization on the portal. Aslo, the latest release provides the ability to activate and deactivate portal users not only in the core app, but also in the organization profile on the portal.

Basic operations with portal users, such as creating an organization portal profile, adding and activating users, can now be performed on the account page without having access to the System Designer. In this case, the settings are available to the bpm’online administrator and other users of the main system with the applicable access rights.

Bpm’online 7.15 includes new extensions for user profile and portal configuration. Administrator can now customize portal personal and company profiles in the Section Wizard. Portal users can edit their personal data, such as email address or phone number in their profile on the portal. All portal-related lookups are now available in the “Portal” folder.


Make data-backed sales decisions with enhanced forecasting capabilities

Bpm’online 7.15 provides upgrades and enhancements to the Forecasting tools, which allow users to easily create forecasts for any section in the system.

The latest version provides the ability to enter forecast data manually, map database fields as well as calculate custom values using formulas. With the newest update, it’s now possible to hide columns used to calculate intermediate results. Additionally, users can now group and display forecast data hierarchically. User configuration of formulas for Actual and Forecasted indicators was also added in the newest release.

The Forecasting functionality is available as a part of bpm’online sales enterprise.


More agile marketing campaigns with advanced campaign management capabilities

Bpm’online 7.15 features extended functionality allowing users to swiftly add or change data in the campaign designer. When setting up a campaign, users can now create leads, schedule tasks, update information in a contact’s profile or make changes to entries related to campaign participants.

The campaign diagram displays new indicators such as “Executed with error” and “Step in progress.” These participant counters allow for improved tracking of campaign flow progress in real time.

In addition, the new update provides enhanced functionality for trigger campaign management. Users now have the ability to re-include removed participants into their campaigns. We have also added the ability to loop campaigns based on pre-set timer restrictions and other conditions.

Draft custom email templates with ease using new functions in the Content Designer

Bpm’online 7.15 features upgraded Content Designer functionality for more effective email template configuration. New tabs have been added to the Content Designer to provide users more guidance throughout the process of creating an email template.

The newest update package also includes a new validation panel in the Content Designer, which detects and reports any errors as you design a template.

The newest release provides the ability to download the created template in HTML format and send a test letter in preview mode.

Information about the sender of a trigger campaign such as name and email address can now be dynamically generated using macros based on predefined rules. For example, users can send letters to clients on behalf of the managers responsible for a specific campaign or account, and clients will be able to respond to the specified manager directly.

Bpm’online 7.15 adds pre-header support for dynamic content in email campaigns.


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Boost employee efficiency and productivity with enhanced mobile app

For a greater performance, the mobile app will now sync with the core bpm'online application much faster. In addition, the latest version features several UX and UI enhancements and upgraded data management tools. Among the core mobile app updates of bpm online v. 7.15:

  • For optimized data management, the mobile app now displays custom summary columns that were configured using the core application. When displaying the summaries, bpm’online applies the filters specified for the section. This functionality is available in both online and offline modes.
  • When working with subordinate folders in the mobile app, users can now switch back to the previous hierarchy level.
  • Also, dashboards filtered by “day”, “week” and “month” can now display data according to the user’s timezone.
  • We have implemented a universal hyperlink format to bpm’online pages. Users can now open bpm'online links on mobile devices in a browser or using the mobile app. When you tap a bpm’online link on a mobile device that does not have the bpm’online mobile app installed, the link will redirect you to the web browser.
  • Support of "deep links”: links that open records in a mobile application.
  • Bpm’online 7.15 now supports iOS 13 and Android Q.


Accelerate productivity with enhanced data management tools

The latest version provides the ability to restrict the transition to particular stages. Now, it is possible to specify a list of users or roles who are allowed or not allowed to perform the transition in the stage settings.

When merging duplicates, users can now preview images (such as account logo or contact photo) and select which image to save in the final record.

As part of the newest update, we have implemented the ability to display the email preview on the Email detail, which allows users to receive basic information about each email immediately when analyzing communication history.

The process of importing data from Excel will now resume automatically in case it has been stopped due to restarting the application or flushing Redis cache. What’s more, you can manually stop importing data using the "Process Log" section.

For a better user experience, we have extended logo setup options. Users can now customize logos displayed on the loading screen as well as the logo displayed on the Excel import page. Users can also now change the favicon directly in bpm’online.


Streamline your business operations with new connectors and add-ons on bpm’online marketplace

In bpm’online 7.15, we added even more apps and templates that allow businesses from various industries to extend the bpm’online functionality:

  • Salesforce data import for bpm'online
    The Salesforce data import for bpm'online is a secure solution that ensures successful data migration. The application allows users to easily migrate critical information from Salesforce to bpm’online, taking advantage of the framework’s robust and scalable architecture.
  • Recently viewed records for bpm'online
    The Recently viewed records for bpm'online is a useful solution that collects a list of records a user views in bpm'online, so he or she can quickly return to them without searching.
  • Cardin for Gmail connector for bpm’online
    The Cardin for Gmail connector for bpm'online connects bpm’online to your Gmail account. Every time you receive an email, information about the sender is parsed from bpm’online, so that you can see detailed information about the sender in Gmail: job title, mobile phone, birthday date, etc.
  • Bridgeports integration for bpm'online
    The Bridgeports integration for bpm’online enables users to swiftly migrate data from their CRM, ERP and marketing automation systems into bpm'online.
  • Filter highlighting for bpm'online
    The Filter highlighting for bpm'online allows users to see when any section list is filtered and highlights selected folders when the folder list is closed.
  • Social media cases for bpm'online
    The YouScan social media listening platform connector provides instant access to the customers' online conversations, enabling enterprises and agencies to handle all relevant requests from social media within a single case management workflow in bpm'online.
  • Stacked tabs for bpm'online
    The Stacked Tabs for bpm'online is an advanced add-on that provides users with the ability to deeply customize the tabs in bpm'online. Users can switch between the standard scrolling tabs or see all tabs stacked at once.

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Accelerate operations with extended administrative enhancements

In order to simplify and facilitate the work of the bpm’online administrator, we regularly process user feedback and audit administration tools to further optimize the system. As part of the current update:

  • The change log interface has been updated. Functions like quick searching or sorting for logged objects are now available in the change log interface. In addition, using a record edit page, users can open the change log and compare data before and after applying the changes. Viewing the history of changes for individual system records is much easier.
  • The integration log is located in the Lookups section and its interface has been redesigned.
  • Administrators can now grant secure temporary access to the application to support staff without explicitly sharing passwords.

The new release also features a new UI for configuration and viewing of the Change log.

Open source software support for better flexibility and agility

Postgre SQL DBMS is now available for bpm'online marketing and bpm’online sales enterprise. In the newest release all core products — studio, marketing, sales, service — support Postgre SQL.

Take advantage of robust tools for development and system deployment

The new package update includes the following enhancements for developers:

  • Instant search for duplicates when a new record is added to the system based on the configured rules.
  • Mass search for duplicates through all section records
  • Processing of found duplicates: the system saves unique records and merges duplicates
  • Merging duplicates in the registry section.

The updated command line utility now supports macOS and Linux operating systems. New command line updates also allow users to execute SQL scripts on the site and run check ups to tell if bpmcli is up-to-date every time a command is executed.

The newly added on-site utility ensures compatibility with all supported DBMS - MS SQL, Oracle and Postgre SQL. Now, on-site users can immediately update the application to the latest version, regardless of the current system version. One-click ability to download the entire structure of distributions and scripts needed for the current update is also provided.

Additionally, the package installation log can be displayed in the console or saved as a file.

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