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Over time, the health industry has tremendously grown and become increasingly competitive. Patients are more informed thereby increasing the demand for accurate and timely customer service processes.

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Attaining success in the dynamic healthcare market

Did you know that over 30% of customers have considered switching clinics or doctors because of poor customer service experience? Well, it is now true that customer retention is becoming one of the most tedious things to sustain in the healthcare industry. According to statistics, most people choose a specific clinic or hospital based on whether the employees understand their needs and provide personalized care experiences. For this reason, healthcare facilities lacking this crucial element are losing big. Poor customer experience is most likely to send away more of your potential customers.




To support the changing trends in the marketing and customer relationship aspects, implementing the right tools and technology is necessary. That is where a health CRM platform comes into play. The healthcare CRM comes with significant components, including integrated patient records and using electronic records to facilitate various functions such as check-in process, patient billing and care among others. CRM for healthcare, on the other hand, comes in handy to facilitate integration to enterprise content management systems and back office project accounting systems.


To satisfy the high demands and needs of patients and to offer the required satisfaction, your healthcare organization must adopt new software solutions, in this case, the customer relationship management (CRM) system.

This system provides healthcare organizations across the world with the possibility to obtain and maintain good customer relationships by literally transforming every customer interaction into opportunity. Besides, CRM for healthcare allows the healthcare service industry to get crucial customer information and use it more efficiently.

Healthcare CRM features and functions

Without a doubt, CRM systems will come in handy in perfecting health care delivery and bringing into action relevant patient experiences since they support advanced, efficient, and automated customer processes.

Some features of healthcare CRM systems include:


Document management and archivation


All vital medical documents need to be adequately maintained and stored for easy access anytime they are needed. Healthcare CRM systems thus offer the most secure and easy to access location since the documents are stored at one server with easy public access any time of the day.

This is vital in gaining and retaining necessary client or patient information in a central access location. This helps in building a well-coordinated client approach.

Booking and fixing time and place of various medical procedures for all patients is made easy with this feature. It allows both patients and doctors to plan on the examinations and tests expected.

This comes in handy in operating and modulating the cost of medical services offered in a clinic or hospital.

This feature enables users and service providers to control and use all electronic records of patients.

It is true that the better you know your customers - in this case patients - the quicker you can meet all their needs.

Benefits of CRM for healthcare

Among the most progressive healthcare CRM software solutions that can put these capabilities at your fingertips is Creatio.

Common benefits of using a healthcare CRM system are the following:

healthcare crm Creatio
  • Enables you to learn more about patient behavior, needs, and demands to develop better relationships with them
  • Allows for instant assessment of the health of each customer relationship thus identifying the cause of recurring issues reported by customers and offering a faster resolution to them based on their priority
  • Helps to regulate administration tasks to focus on the needs of the patients
  • Improves patient satisfaction and help them with proactive management of their health status
  • Synchronizes care with more efficiency allowing groups to access patient information whenever needed
  • Minimizes time spent serving the patients and increasing efficiency of operations
  • Ensures faster and more efficient reaction to patient inquiries
  • Allows you to easily monitor your outreach pipeline to close new deals within a shorter period since you have a closer view of the progress of every deal in your team’s pipeline. In addition, it allows you to monitor the risks of prospective outreach accounts via any device and reduce the manual effort that usually results in duplication and delayed access to information
Creatio: why it is the best healthcare CRM software for your clinic or hospital

Creatio software comes with many features to make everything work seamlessly. Some of them are listed below:

  • 360-degree customer view

    Creatio helps you to create a single database of all contacts and accounts you work with to build a 360-degree view of all the customers. With the software, you will be able to keep a record of contact data and track connections between accounts in the organizational structure. You will be able to see a list of activities they are involved in and the entire history of interactions between your employees and the patients. This will help you in predicting the patient behavior and preferences thus managing to win their trust over time.

  • Collaboration tools

    Creatio communication panel allows you to communicate with your team and customers with a lot of ease including making calls, managing emails and approving contacts, as well as collaborating in the enterprise social network using the panel. With all notifications here, you can be sure not to miss any important event. Tasks and calendar also help to properly plan your work through the creation of personal and group tasks linked to specific documents, opportunities or contacts. Ultimately, you will have to keep track of all operations taking place in your clinic as well as the overall performance and productivity of the employees based on the emails, phone calls, and their tasks.

  • Business process management

    This feature enables you to automate all internal processes, including document approval and collaboration on complex tasks and projects, which may involve several teams. Creatio CRM offers a complete set of tools to effectively manage all business processes such as execution, modeling, monitoring, and analysis. This CRM for healthcare will ensure maximum efficiency of business process management at your healthcare facility.

  • Lead management

    You always need to be on the lookout to capture and track your leads, and Creatio CRM offers precisely that. The software comes with the right tools to help you add leads from multiple sources into a single database within the shortest time possible. The software then does automatic verification of the data collected, creates new contacts and guides you through every step of lead management.

  • Opportunity management

    Creatio offers out-of-the-box business processes that help in the management of opportunities by defining tactics for all opportunities, identifying decision makers, and tracking competitors to determine their strengths and weaknesses. This way, you will be able to generate sales forecasts based on the clients’ budget, probability as well as the opportunity stage.

Creatio comes out as one of the few CRM solutions that offer the best customer relationship management in the health sector.

Creatio is a business automation software that has caught the attention of many entrepreneurs in different industries thanks to its amazing features that are designed to help with marketing, sales, and customer support. You can use this healthcare CRM to identify your ideal audience - basically a list of targeted groups of consumers that most likely need and respond to your marketing campaigns. You do not only need new patients, but rather the right ones - those that will most likely benefit from your services and keep coming back.

Creatio healthcare CRM system is aimed at improving the quality of healthcare services and helping the service providers to deliver the corresponding level of medical care at the most affordable cost. Are you running a healthcare institution and looking forward to incorporating customer relationship management systems into your day-to-day operations? Creatio CRM will provide you with the ability to input, analyze and distribute the data effectively and on time.

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