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These days, struggling to become more close to users, companies require the advanced Customer Database Software.

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Crucial features your Customer Database Software should have

In order to be able to store, update, adjust, and analyze your customer data, you need to have Customer Database tool that is efficient enough to handle the flow of information. The solution should offer analytical possibilities, providing the customization level you and your clients deserve.


Running a company of any size is not an easy job. The key to success is to know who is doing what and how good they are. So, when choosing the software, make sure it is able to organize your information in the intuitive way, satisfying your vision of arranging the data. Also, be sure you have enough space to store the information.


In today's fast moving world, you have to be sure you can access your software everywhere and anytime. Single customer database seems to be the best option here, as it provides you with the best scope of application for the extensive search capabilities and flexible analysis possibilities.


Every client is different, and every company wants to deliver outstanding service to the variety of customers. This requires the necessity to adjust your workflow and be flexible in every aspect, if your system can afford to be agile enough, of course.


These days, it becomes harder and harder for companies to be unique and offer something personalized enough. This is the time for customization capabilities to battle for the attention of the customers and companies. Remember, great customization means happy client and good personal approach that will turn into client’s loyalty.


All above-mentioned capabilities are great to have though almost impossible without analytical part of the system that will be able to tell when and what your customer might need or want. In today’s fast-paced world, we all depend on data statistical analysis. Test it right, left and center, making sure you are at the top of your performance capabilities, cost-effectiveness and profitability. Simply put, good analytical provides better chances for success.

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Why Creatio is the best online CRM to cover your Customer Database objectives

Creatio possesses outstanding engine and remarkable analytical capacity to cover the most demanding Customer Database requirements. A platform is aimed at supporting your client’s needs from the first indication of interest to the recurring client’s demand. Let’s delve deeper into Creatio functionality:

360-degree customer view

Follow your client from the first entry into the system, keeping all the information in the single database. One contact profile will be able to give you access to the history of interactions, call or email in one click. You can add all the supporting documents as well as neatly attach them to the same contact for your convenience.

Infinite search capabilities

Find your client in the database with minimum information available, adjust the search engine to your requirements, search through accounts, names, dates or result comments. Your search capabilities within the system are limited only by your imagination. The powerful engine allows you to find what you need within seconds if not milliseconds.

Open-source information update

Update your contact information with the open-source information available for you on the net. Creatio’s CRM data scientists will be able to complete your contact information, covering the gap in the profile with the missing information.


Arrange your dashboard in the way convenient for you, keeping all the pertinent information in place. Keep an eye on the changing factors that will give you an advantage of instant reaction in case of any changes.

Database analytics

Analyze, explore and examine all the information you have available in your system, try different angles and points of view to understand the needs of your client better. Try to get into your client’s head by looking into the changes your customers are going through, forecasting the most needed services and products for them.

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