Conquer your clients with bpm’online marketing automation platform

Every conquest starts from the first step toward your goal, in our case it is a client. So, how does modern age marketing department works through the workload that became utterly versatile and demanding?


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The best development of the technologies seems to be the blessing for the modern marketing professionals. So, what software might cover all the functionality, proving to be cost-effective and user-friendly at the same time?

Bpm’online has been improving its marketing solution for years, adding the features that might improve the work and introduce quality changes. Now, the functionality of the solution might surprise with a wide range of applicability and become an irreplaceable part of the workflow that it is designed to improve.

Four main components of the marketing automation platfroms

So, let us focus on the four main parts of the marketing process and define how the system can automate the routine tasks:


Lead generation

In order to start the way through the sales pipeline, you need to have a prospect to work with. So, the main purpose of the marketing department is to enthrall, entice and finally capture the potential customer and catch his data into the CRM system to process, nurture and work with the client. The first solution that might be of interest is the website behavior tracking tool that lets you capture all the information from the online registration by uploading the data into the system. At this stage, the system is not yet done with the data collection as many gaps are left in the given information. The system proceeds with the smart data enrichment in order to complete the client’s profile. The system will keep an eye on the customer’s browsing on your site letting you know what pages were visited and what was of particular interest so that you could keep up with the client preferences.

The system will keep the full history of clients’ interests in order to provide 360-degree of customer view. In case the prospect is not yet sure or aware of his need of your product, the nurturing possibilities will be presented through the history of his site wondering.



An input of information could be overwhelming. In order to be able to manage it in organized manner the bpm’online system has the segment builder. Group your data in the way you think it is necessary; create dynamic groups to be enriched from the ongoing campaigns according to the set criteria. Proceed working with the targeted audience, creating personalized campaign for every segment. Unified interface for lead management will enable you to monitor and analyze the best sources for lead generation, providing you with the statistics of their effectiveness. At the same time, lead will be checked for the duplicates and the completeness of the filled in information. That covers the natural circle of the incoming leads.



Distribution covers the nurturing cycle of life in the marketing department. As we all know, not all prospects are ready to buy the product or service –before making the purchase they research the field. Here is where marketing actually applies all its creativity to attract the potential client. It all starts with the intuitive campaign designer, which makes it possible to plan all the campaign foreseeing and possible outcomes, covering them with the trigger campaigns to make the process fully automated. With elaborated system like that you just need to adjust the content to the targeted group and the system will provide the smooth running of the process. You can personalize the email campaigns to the hilt, create specific design to be more appealing to the certain segment of the audience and even test the result with split testing tool. Also, you have always available the analytics to make sure you are contacting your clients just the correct amount of times without actually getting on their nerves.

Bpm’online even foresaw the possibility of such lead source as social events. The system has the feature of event management that can help you to plan and manage any kind of event from webinar to the gala dinner. The system will handle deadlines, locations, target audience according to the set criteria. Even deal with the budget and team assigned for certain tasks. And for those with untamed imagination the system offers an opportunity to work out their own business process that will be tracked and managed through the system. The process of any complexity could be created with an easy drag and drop tool that provides visualized diagram of the process to help you in that creative task.

Want to test all the incredible possibilities – just implement bpm’online!


Hand-off to sales

Finally, we reached the stage where two departments, sales and marketing, will have to run smoothly together. With the help of the productivity tools, the calls and emails could be made from the system and the calendar will help to orange any meetings and set goals. Enterprise social network will ensure close communication between departments that will enable fast reaction time, if time is of the essence, and will simplify the communication between the departments. Dashboards will show you the statistical data you can adjust to your personal needs, making sure your KPI are met and the weekly and monthly target is reached.

At the same time, you can adjust the system you work in to make it comfortable for you and personalize it according to your wishes and needs. Make user interface appealing to the customer to attract more leads. Assign the access rights so that every team member will have access to work with his particular part of the workload.

All that and much more is available for you on the bpm’online platform. Do not miss an opportunity to try it out!