Recent studies demonstrate that aligned organizations achieve an average of 32% annual revenue growth while less aligned companies report an average of 7% decline in revenue. What are the key milestones on the way to becoming an aligned organization?

Featured guest speaker

Paul Greenberg

Paul GreenbergManaging Principal of The 56 Group, LLC


Michael Rooney

Michael RooneySVP and General Manager at bpm’online

Watch the webinar and learn:

  • How to leverage your customer journeys to identify and fill the gaps across the funnel and prevent sales pipeline leakage.
  • How to help your marketing, sales and service teams adapt to the new initiatives faster when the company’s processes, products or services change.
  • What are the key benefit of connecting departments and data with one technology, on one platform.

Watch the webinar with Paul Greenberg to learn how to better connect all customer-facing departments and generate more revenue.

Event presentations

Aligning Marketing, Sales and Service to Build a Revenue Machine

A presentation to the CRM Best Practice webinar by Paul Greenberg, outlining key benefits of aligning marketing, sales and service activities within organizations, and how it can help maximize revenues through delivering superior customer experience.