Major update of bpm’online
version 7.11

Add intelligence and agility to your
business operations

Powerful machine learning capabilities

Accelerate productivity with AI and machine learning

Leverage AI and machine learning capabilities to simplify day-to-day operations and free employees from the routine tasks.

New machine learning capabilities and predictive algorithms are designed to offer users relevant information and automation within a specific context, based on analysis of historical data, enabling users to make data-backed decisions. For instance, by analyzing the previous service request history and email content of the incoming request, the system can predict the group of case assignees and automatically assign the case to a corresponding support team.

Thanks to bpm’onlne’s intelligent capabilities, users can set-up their own custom learning models for predicting the values of drop-down lists based on a predefined set of characteristics. This means the platform is capable to make intelligent recommendations across a wide range of business applications, from automatically identifying customer need to specifying the most revenant opportunity category or sales rep to assign the opportunity. Cutting down on manual analysis frees up time for increased execution and output.

Extended tools for business process automation

Accelerate organizational agility with streamlined business processes!

The new bpm’online 7.11 ensures streamlined process automation with updated BPM tools.

In bpm’online 7.11, users can now leverage a New Start Timer process element to set up the business processes launch for a specific time or periods, for example, hourly, daily or at 9 am.

Moreover, users can now run preconfigured processes for the selected record in any section and in any detail of the system.

A communication panel now contains a new tab that displays business process steps that the current user has not completed yet. This will help users keep track of important tasks, even those that are not displayed in the calendar as well as more effectively plan activities for the upcoming days.

In addition, the new release features automatic archiving of the business process log records. This will increase the overall bpm’online performance and simplify working with the process log.

bpm'online studio

Intelligent platform for business process management

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Enhanced capabilities of Case Designer

Manage your unstructured processes more effectively with upgraded Case Designer!

The new release of bpm’online 7.11 introduces extended capabilities of case designer to ensure even simpler configuration of cases and more efficient case execution.

New case designer elements help users to perform such tasks as:

  • Send emails based on preconfigured template.
  • Approve a document or any other information in the system
  • Open any page in the system to fill in or change any data.
  • Automatically change access rights.

For added convenience, in bpm’online 7.11 users can now configure automatic transitions between case stages when the mandatory steps of the preceding stage are completed. When setting up the system, users can specify which steps should be mandatory or optional.

Revamped campaign engine and all-new UI of the campaign designer

Accelerate time-to-ROI with powerful campaign designer

Revamped campaign engine makes marketing process automation simple and extremely fast

A completely re-imagined designer, with an upgraded interface, provides the required level of flexibility in managing marketing communications and allows for designing the most personalized interactions with each customer.

A new tool allows marketers to:

  • Set up complex campaign branching in accordance with campaign participant segments and other criteria.
  • Create multiple entrance and exit conditions for campaign participants.
  • Copy or edit already launched campaigns and restart the stopped ones.
  • Set up the frequency or schedule the campaign launch.
  • Search for elements in a campaign diagram and restore unsaved changes.
  • Launch numerous simultaneous campaigns with the same high level of the system performance.
  • Get a quicker view of your campaign progress in the campaign log.

Together, this will enable users to provide the most personalized customer engagements and get the highest possible conversion rates.

Extended filtering capabilities and push notifications in the mobile app

Accelerate mobility with an updated mobile app!

The new mobile app features tools to enable users effortlessly set up quick filters to instantly find the necessary information. New filtering capabilities are available in all sections and details that feature a search bar.

The updated mobile app will now feature tools to configure the push notifications as a part of the business process which will allow for sending users notifications and reminders with valuable updates and information.

In addition, the revamped mobile app features the new types of dashboards with revamped UI to help users keep track of the key indicators on the go.

Out-of-the-box approval capabilities in any section of the system

Streamline approval processes with an ability to run approve process for any object in the system!

Set up an approval process within an existing or newly designed business process in minutes with a new approval process element available in both Case and Process Designers.

A new element will help users to configure all the necessary approval parameters: specify the approver, select a notification template that will be sent to the employee via email, etc. As a result, when executing a business process, users will see a relevant activity in their Action Panel with the ability to quickly approve or decline the request.

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for marketing, sales and service!

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One-click bpm’online marketplace integration

Accelerate interoperability at your organization

Easily extend the system capabilities with one-click bpm’online marketplace integration, which enables users to easily install a wide variety of applications, vertical solutions, add-ons or process templates directly from bpm’online marketplace.

Users can now manage bpm’online marketplace applications directly in the System Designer in the new “Install/ Uninstall application” section. In the new section, users can also try out trial versions, purchase and distribute licenses, and uninstall applications.

RightToLeft interface support

Work with bpm’online in more languages!

We continue to expand the list of supported languages, and now bpm'online is localized to support such languages as Arabic, Hebrew and Farsi. All UI elements support the RTL (right-to-left) standards and adapted fonts, creating a more comfortable working experience.

Other important enhancements by product

Leverage enhanced tools to streamline your marketing, sales and service operations!

The new system version offers upgrades of marketing, sales and service products to help users get the desired business outcomes faster.

bpm’online marketing
The new bpm’online 7.11 features revamped functionality for bulk emails management which will now automatically identify and omit duplicated emails while sending out bulk emails. In addition, the system now more effectively processes bulk email provider responses (e.g., spam complaints, open and click rates) to get the most accurate campaign analytics. To enable the uninterrupted campaign flows, bpm’online now continues to send out emails even if the system was restarted or compiled.

bpm’online sales and field sales
The latest release features a new Cyclic tasks section to simplify the field sales schedule management taking into account the route, average duration and the frequency of visits, and the working time of the staff. In addition, bpm’online 7.11 provides comprehensive tools for effective bonus management to motivate sales teams.

bpm’online service
Thanks to the system’s Natural Language Processing algorithms that analyze the case communication history, with bpm’online 7.11, users can quickly create a new contact or enrich an existing one from the communication history detail on the case page. The new ability to select an assignee while reopening a case which will allow for escalating a reopened case to the person who processed the case initially, or assigning it to a different agent.

Bpm’online platform enhancements

Manage your data in a few clicks and customize the system interface to meet your specific needs!

To get necessary analytics faster, bpm’online 7.11 features an ability to add dashboards directly to record pages. This will help users keep track of the necessary indicators while working with the record pages to get the desired results faster.

Filtering and folder management capabilities were improved to help users more effectively find and work with data in the system.

In addition, the new release features support of Oracle RDBMS for the bpm’online product line. Bpm’online 7.11 offers numerous improvements designed to increase system performance and boost users’ productivity. The list of updates includes:

  • Client content (*.js and *.css files) is now stored on the application server instead of the application database, and becomes static.
  • The system cancels requests that are still running, but are no longer relevant. For instance, when closing or refreshing a browser page, switching between sections, sending a new request to the server, etc.
  • Developers can now distribute queries to different pools and adjust the allocated server resources with the help of ResourceGovernor with complex queries (building dashboards and folders) being executed in a separate pool. This enables developers to build complex queries without significantly affecting the overall performance of the system for other users.
  • Other enhancements to help users be more productive.

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