Sales Pipeline in Creatio CRM system

Analytical tool for assessing the effectiveness of interaction with the client – from the first point of contact to deal closure

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Advantages of Sales Pipeline

Financial indexes increase
Financial indexes increase

Analysis of sales pipeline allows you to evaluate the sales process effectiveness and plan the amount of new deals.

Identify conversion and completeness of sales pipeline at each stage, compare them with the set goals to identify the stages at which clients often lose interest to your product or service.

Analyze the causes of bottlenecks in the pipeline and promptly react to eliminate them. It will increase the conversion at each stage of the sales pipeline, which, in turn, increases revenue.

Sales pipeline features and stages




Winrate (conversion to purchase) is the ratio of the number of requests that entered the pipeline to the number of closed deals.

The winrate indicator depends on the combination of various factors:

  • branch of business,
  • brand awareness,
  • product specifics.

The traditional value of winrate in the B2B segment is 10: 1, meaning that out of 10 potential deals only one will be closed.


Winrate (conversion to purchase) is the ratio of the number of requests that entered the pipeline to the number of closed deals

The winrate indicator depends on the combination of various factors:

  • branch of business,
  • brand awareness,
  • product specifics.

The traditional value of winrate in the B2B segment is 10: 1, meaning that out of 10 potential deals only one will be closed.


The number of stages in the sales pipeline depends on business features.

In the Creatio CRM system five stages of the sales pipeline are displayed by default:

  • Qualification
  • Presentation
  • Commercial offer
  • Contract
  • Successfully completed

You can also add the necessary stages or exclude the extra ones.


Timing is the average time that a customer spends in the sales pipeline before making a deal.

In the B2B segment, the transaction cycle lasts an average of 3-4 months.

During this time, the client goes all the way from the willingness to discuss the transaction to signing the contract.

Sales pipeline management

The sales pipeline is a powerful indicator of business success. Track changes in your sales pipeline and make the right management decisions.

The vast majority of prospects don’t reach the second stage. Perhaps, many non-target leads enter the pipeline and get lost because of technical problems or switch to competitors, without waiting for feedback.

At all stages, almost 100% conversion is observed, and all prospects reach the final stages of the pipeline. The reason may be that the price of the product is below its equilibrium.

Prospects often leave the pipeline at its last stages. This may happen as the result of low sales representative qualifications or due to the fact that the product is unjustifiably overpriced.

Prospects are moving towards the completion of the deal, but they are stuck for a long time at one of the pipeline stages. Probably, there are superfluous stages in the sales pipeline, which can be excluded.

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Take advantage of Sales Creatio to improve sales efficiency


Backed by intelligent BPM platform, CRM products allow for leading a customer through all the stages of the sales pipeline, customizing it in accordance with business specifics. Intelligent BPM technologies provide organizations with the ability to create and flexibly change marketing and sales processes.

Sales Creatio accelerates the complete sales cycle – from lead to repeat sales. The system features best practice sales process and multiple capabilities for business process customization, as well as all the necessary metrics and tools for sales planning and analysis, as well as the right management decisions.

Learn more about the capabilities of sales pipeline in Creatio

  • Sales dynamics analysis by stages

    Sales pipeline is a great tool to analyze the sales dynamics by stages. The speed of the customer movement through the funnel indicates how quickly they make their buying decision. Identify the pipeline stages at which customers stay the longest, and the stages at which they leave. The height of the pipeline displays the number of sales at the corresponding stage. For each element, the pipeline displays the number of sales and total budget, which allows determining the probability of successful conversion at this stage.

  • Types of sales pipelines

    Creatio features several types of pipelines. This means you are able to analyze the sales process by the following metrics: number of sales at each stage, by stage-to-stage conversion rate, and by the conversion of each stage as regards to the first.

  • Comparing the pipelines

    If necessary, you can compare the pipeline of one or several managers with a summary pipeline of the organization. Comparing the sales rep performance with the performance of the whole department is a great way to identify his/her strengths and weaknesses.

  • Configuring the sales pipeline

    Creatio provides easy-to-use custom tools, which allow users to configure the sales pipeline and the number of stages to meet the specific business needs. Using filters, it is possible to build a pipeline by different criteria: sales categories, regions, customer segments. Creatio provides the information on the number of transactions at a certain stage for all managers, not only in the form of a pipeline, but also through a variety of graphs, for example, in the form of a histogram or a linear chart.

  • Analysis of the performance of managers

    Sales pipeline allows for tracking the performance of managers (the number of open transactions, conversion rates at each stage) and compare the success of a single manager with the achievements of the entire department. In the "Results" section of the Creatio system, you can see detailed statistics on each employee. The Dashboard Manager tab displays sales performance metrics. Be aware of the number of active sales, calls, meetings and expired activities of each manager. Identify leaders among employees, set up a rewards points system. With the help of Creatio, each employee can measure his/her productivity, as well as see a list of complete and incomplete tasks, so as not to miss anything.

  • End-to-end sales pipeline

    Sales volume increase depends on both marketing and commercial department. Furthermore, active cooperation between the sales rep and the marketer can increase your sales volume significantly. Use Creatio products for marketing and sales on a single CRM platform (read more on page - crm definition) – instantly turn warm leads into sales or send the lead back for re-marketing. Leads in the sales pipeline, a single database of all accounts and contacts you work with, joint work processes, aggregate indicators and goals significantly improve employee performance and simplify their work.

  • Sales planning and analysis

    Use Creatio sales tools to improve your sales team efficiency. Plan sales volumes by key indicators. Calculate potential and actual indicators and evaluate goals achievement across periods. View the dynamics of sales and revenues by months.

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