Sales Creatio tracker gives you a clear view of your sales management process

Creatio CRM has one of the most powerful engines on the market so users are able to store and analyze the amount of sales data. The solution provides all the necessary features along with the clear visibility of the processes.


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Sales activity tracker includes a number of tools that enable the clear visibility of every step of the sales pipeline. The solution is tailored to analyze and improve every detail of the process, bringing it to the impeccable perfection.

The main aims of the sales tracking is:

  • Ensuring the detailed records on the whole process of the sale;
  • Providing clear visibility of the sales pipeline;
  • Supplying analytical data on the performed actions.

In order to perform such functionality you will need flexible system so that according to the gathered data you could adjust and improve your sales process.

Sales Creatio product provides all the needed features, ensuring the excellent result of your sales activity tracking.

360° customer view

Single contact database will give you an easy access to your prospect and all his information. If there are any gaps in the information, the system enriches them from the open sources, giving you the full view of the clients’ details and interests in your product or service. The recorded history of interaction will show you who has contacted the potential client before you and what was offered to him. Be sure to segment clients according to their needs. Try to find the most relevant correlation factor for you.

Collaboration tools

Do not go out of your way to contact your prospect, call email or even text him from within the system. In this way, you will have complete communication history and your personal notes about conversation attached to the contact, making sure you did not miss any specific information about the client. Talk with your colleagues in the system, use Enterprise social network to keep your hand on the pulse of the company. Plan, perform and get notifications not to forget anything and all that in one system.

Business Process Management

Create unique business processes to exceed expectations or chose in-built out-of-the-box processes. No limitation is there for you –experiment with the design of the business process in order to find the most fitting and efficient one.

Lead Management

Generation, qualification and distribution are all efficient ways to deal with leads. The system will make sure you have the contact with correct data. Working only with sales-ready leads system will help you faster find new leads. Finally, assign the lead to the corresponding specialist or team – system will let you group leads according to the set parameter.

Opportunity management

Manage the opportunities with ease. Turn lead into opportunity within several moves using the process you developed or the one available to you from industry practices that are already in the system. With all the history available to you within a click qualify it and assign the most fitting team-members to make the presentation, to develop and submit the proposal. The system’s analytics will help to define successful sales tactics and guide you through the contracting stage.

Orders and invoices

Single window for order processing will make your management of orders and invoices so much easier by providing you with ready-to use templates for the orders and invoices. Group orders according to different points. Check the history and the approval in just a few clicks applying the customized approval scheme.

Field sales management

Manage the logistics of the field force beforehand leveraging the available information to create the best route. Create the field sales rules so that all the meetings run according to the working plan of action. Manage contracts from your mobile device, receive new orders and be able to offer the new product to a client assessing the purchase history.

Sales forecasting

Apply smart filtering tools to get the comparison you need, calculate your results according to the data available. Plan the result of the sales department, evaluate the efficiency of the sales representatives, and set the goals you can reach.

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Other awesome Creatio features to increase sales


Contract management

Navigate the single contract database with the history of all the editions and amendments, create contract manually or use the template. Pass through the approval process with lightning speed by automating the process.


Product management

Maintain the unified product catalog to make sure it is always up to date. Think through the product attributes and structure the catalogue so that it would be easy to offer a needed product to the client. Or use all-in-one window selection with an outstanding search capabilities, making sure the item is available.


Document flow automation

Administer your documents with precision, linking them to the corresponding client, company, lead or opportunity. Establish relationship between related documents to easily switch between the two.


Project management

Have the full control over the internal and external projects, set the deadlines, assign the tasks, and establish the cost. The system will help you along the way reminding about the deadlines and notify you about possible budget overrun.


Mobile sales

Take advantage of the possibility to work from your phone. Chat with colleagues about the latest innovations and news, call, text or email clients, check on the prospects needs and keep an eye on your opportunities. Work online or offline – the needed data always will be there for you.


Knowledge management

Keep knowledge database always up to date in order to find a quick answer to burning questions. Quickly find the needed document or simply ask for help from your colleagues. The knowledge database makes it easier to find the needed reply.


Synchronization and integration

Integrate and synchronize with the needed software in order to make your work even more productive. Import and export data without any losses.


System designer

Customize the system according to your needs and preferences. Make it comfortable for you to work with the system and make the interface appealing to your customers.