Recent studies predict that by 2016, 70% of high-performing companies will manage their processes using a business process management platform. What are the benefits of such approach? What are the advantages of a BPM-driven CRM as compared to the traditional one?

Many companies today face the same challenges they need to overcome in order to support growth:

  • Any changes in the business take months to reflect in the CRM.
  • Modifying processes to better align them with strategic imperatives requires specific technical expertise.
  • Companies lack the agility to constantly test and improve processes in response to the rapidly changing market.

In this one-hour recorded webinar we compared the bpm’online and solutions and explained how a process-driven CRM better positions savvy companies to achieve their goals in today’s ever changing business environment.

Watch the webinar and discover

How to align marketing, sales and service on a single CRM platform

How to better leverage business process management capabilities with a process-driven CRM as opposed to a traditional platform

What TCO can be expected when comparing bpm’online and Salesforce CRM


Sonja Fridel

Executive VP

Emilio Taylor

Senior Developer & Business Analyst

Michael Rooney

SVP and General Manager

Watch the webinar to learn how a process-driven CRM helps savvy companies accelerate digital transformation and what the benefits are of such a platform compared to the traditional CRM?

Watch the video!