Business Process Automation tools are vital for every organization that strives to stay ahead of the curve in the era of digitalization. As recent studies reveal, insufficient business process management (BPM) will prevent 80% of organizations from achieving the desired outcomes of their digital business strategies throughout 2017.

However, only 40% of work tasks can be considered routine and handled with traditional BPM systems, while 60% are those that have a degree of uncertainty and cannot be predicted or modeled in advance. Moreover, working in today’s fast-paced digital environment requires exceptional level of agility and non-standard approaches in achieving goals, and that’s when a Dynamic Case Management (DCM) comes into play.


Michael Rooney

Michael RooneySVP and General Manager at bpm’online

Michael Rooney

Alex PetrunenkoSenior Pre-sales Engineer at bpm’online

Watch the video and learn:

  • How a DCM approach towards process automation can add agility to your business in the times of continuously changing environment.
  • How to get the best outcome of leveraging BPM and DCM within your organization and ensure their high-level performance.
  • Practical tips of running processes with BPM and DCM approaches in use cases from market leaders.

Don’t miss out on learning how to get the best outcome of BPM and DCM for process automation in your organization and significantly increase your day-to-day operational efficiency!