Be Tech

Implementation CRM Creatio. Synchronization and individual development.

Partner status

    Be Tech is a team of experts in development with over 17 years of experience in the CRM implementation.

    Be Tech has successfully assisted hundreds of companies in customization of the business processes and CRM implementation. 

    Be Tech has been the Creatio partner for 13 years.

    Global reach covers:

    • USA
    • Ukraine
    • Europe 
    • Canada
    • Great Britain

    The team has expertise in business process automation for:  sales, marketing, service, inventory management, HR Management, SMS-mailing.

    Be Tech team has created the Creatio based solutions for your business. You can order them on Creatio Marketplace. 

    Twilio SMS Pro integration
    Twilio SMS Pro integration for Creatio

    Professional SMS texting and SMS bulk through Twilio service. 

    Asterisk call recorder
    Asterisk call recorder for Creatio

    Call recording for the Asterisk connector for Creatio. Records and saves phone calls online to a file with a playback option.

    Nova Poshta connector
    Nova Poshta integration for Creatio

    Formation of electronic waybills and dispatch of delivery by the Nova Poshta service from Creatio

    Voice broadcasts by a virtual assistant
    Eve.сalls connector for Creatio

    Sending broadcasts of calls made by a virtual assistant from the Creatio system to your contacts

    Viber and SMS notifications
    Viber and SMS notifications for Creatio

    Sending Viber and SMS campaigns from Creatio. Launching both mass mailings to groups, and to each contact separately.

    eSputnik connector
    eSputnik connector for Creatio

    Sending bulk and single email campaigns from Creatio using the eSputnik service

    YouControl connector
    YouControl connector for Creatio

    Integration with the YouControl system to obtain open data in Creatio about the counterparty you interact with

    Connector to Stream Telecom telephony
    Stream Telecom connector for Creatio

    Integration with Stream Telecom IP telephony for the ability to make incoming and outgoing calls in Creatio, listen to conversations, view statistics.

    Medical centers
    Medicine for Creatio

    Medicine is the tool for healthcare industry to automate the entire workflow of the clinic

    Coming soon
    Education for Creatio

    Automation of training companies and educational institutions

    Quickbooks Connector
    Quickbooks online connector for Creatio

    Customers, products, and accounts integration. Flexible user settings. 

    Software solution
    Tourism agencies
    Tourism Creatio

    Handling tourist interests and requests, managing SMS marketing, and company’s financial flows

    Coming soon
    Human resource management
    HRM Creatio

    A system specifically developed for HR departments to automate their work with candidates and vacancies

    Warehouse management
    Storekeeper for Creatio

    Warehouse automation system, including barcode scanning support

    Coming soon

    Our specialization

    • Implementing projects on the Creatio platform
    • Development of industry-specific solutions on the Creatio platform
    • Customer service support

    We have studied the best practices on the basis of which there are industry-specific CRM solutions for:

    • tourist business
    • maintenance of warehouse accounting,
    • selection and management of personnel,
    • management of trainings and courses
    • management of the clinic and medical institutions
    • execution of electronic payments
    • Identification based on the face recognition system


    We do synchronization of your CRM with any third-party systems: accounting systems, messengers. We do not have any delimitations, even if there are technical limitations - we will figure out how to optimally solve them.

    For Partners

    • If you are a partner company Creatio and you do not have enough competence or resources - we are ready to provide the necessary specialists for your projects and tasks.
    • If you are experts in your industry and you do not have enough ready-made CRM solution, but there is an idea and a desire to develop it - we are ready to implement an industry solution for you, which you will then promote in your industry.



    Contact person:
    Dmytro Gavrilov
    Support contacts
    United States
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