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Errevi System

Regional language partner

Errevi System is a fast growing company operating in ICT sector since 1997, based in Italy in Reggio Emilia and Milan.

Strengthened by high level of competence and diversified areas of expertise, Errevi System is a global partner for the optimization of business processes through software solutions and for the design and implementation of complex IT infrastructures.

What drives the company is commitment to innovation to be a visionary partner operating with all the background needed.

Errevi System is well aware of the fact that its growth is due to its staff. People and their capability are at the core of its firm: this is why Errevi System believes that excellence is a hard-earned goal worth its challenge.

Through its four business units (Business Solutions, Systems Integration, Managed & Cloud Services and Education) Errevi System turns to medium-sized and large enterprises offering to help creating value-added and take on the marketplace.

Contact person
Davide Rovesti

Via Meuccio Ruini, 12
42124 Reggio Emilia

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