Interface customization

Take advantage of the extended capabilities for user interface customization. Use System Designer to setup workplaces, show or hide system sections for different user roles, or personalize the application by adding company's logo and applying your corporate color scheme.

User customization

Customize Creatio customer service to fit the unique business needs and requirements. Easily rearrange, add and remove lookups, data fields and entire pages. The application provides wizards and designers for objects, pages and processes. Use these tools to change the data views or business logics without programming.

Visual content designer

Create contracts, eye-catching email templates for your mass mail campaigns or specifications by using the built-in content designer. The system offers a library of ready-to-use elements, as well as tools for working with content – just add your text, company logo or image and the email is ready to be sent. Save the newly created template in Creatio to use it in the future. The system automatically optimizes the way emails are displayed on different devices and through various email clients.

Mobile app customization

Make sure you work only with relevant information via mobile device. Use the mobile app wizard to add or hide different system sections, as well as to personalize your mobile application.

Access rights administration

In Creatio customer service you can easily manage access rights of users and groups. Grant or deny access to individual records or groups of records, as well as specify which sections are available to certain user roles.

WebSSO support

Administer user roles quickly and safely using Single Sign-On (WebSSo) technology to simplify the sign-in process and ensure smooth integration of Creatio to the corporate IT environment thanks to a centralized user administration.

LDAP integration

Use Active Directory credentials to access Creatio customer service. You do not have to remember different usernames and passwords, and the system administrator doesn't have to manually add profiles for new employees to access the system.

Activity log

The activity log keeps a record of all operations with critical data and allows for the quick retrieval of information, along with the chronology of all events in the system: what was done, by whom and when.

Agile system localization

Leverage simplified localization tools to support a multilingual environment in your organization and combine several languages in a single interface. Not only can you localize the system terminology, but also lookup values, analytical data and every step of your business-processes. Improved user tools for system translation and multilingual support enable users to painlessly localize the system into any language.