Professional Services


At Creatio, we are inspired to help companies ACCELERATE business transformation. To do this, we rely on our highly trained and certified network of partners to provide implementation and consulting services for Creatio products. With more than 700 exceptionally skilled systems integrator and consulting partners in 110 countries around the world, Creatio matches organization with the best partner for their implementation needs.

Project Implementation Methodology

The Creatio implementation methodology is based on PRINCE2, a worldwide acclaimed approach to project management that helps to significantly reduce project timelines, improve communication between team members, and deliver a turnkey solution that meets all business requirements. The PRINCE2 approach includes the following stages of the project execution: Elaboration, Execution, Transition, and Operation.


Specify project goals and tasks


Define the vision of the project


Customize and deliver staggered solutions


End-to-end testing


Operational testing


Trial operation


Finalize the project


Launch support


Review results


During the elaboration phase, together, we will determine project milestones, its concept, and specify goals and tasks.

Project charter

The Project Charter is an essential document that defines agreements and project goals. When preparing a project charter, we thoroughly study all the customer’s needs to define project outcomes and timelines.

Project concept

The Project Concept is created based on customer business cases and describes the whole process of the user experience, including workflow processes outside the system. This enables a common understanding of the system operation.


Creatio products are delivered to the customer as separate ready-to-use functional blocks. Our technical advisory group provides design engineering, system adaptation and functionality testing with every delivery. Once the Execution stage is finished, the system is fine-tuned according to your requirements.

Design engineering

Each requirement of yours is documented: system logic, integrations, pre-built reports, as well as test cases required for system customization.

Adaptation and testing

Creatio experts configure the system to fit your requirements. Your team tests and verifies the adjustments.

Delivery of functional blocks

Once our development team presents the customized solution, we test the system together.

Delivery testing by the customer

Your team tests the system in-house, checks its operation by launching the test cases and provides feedback.


At this stage, your task force tests the entire functionality of the system and your employees learn to work in the system.

Test operation

The Creatio team performs end-to-end testing of the system and delivers the product to your task force after completing the test cases.

Operational testing

After training, the test group starts working in the system. Creatio experts may supervise users for the first few days if needed.

Trial operation

Creatio experts tutor all your employees and the pilot group starts operating in the system.


The operation phase includes the formal closure of the project, analysis and future planning. The Statement of Acceptance is signed and Creatio conducts a user satisfaction survey and launches project support.

Project Finalization

Creatio experts present the project results and system functionality at a face-to-face meeting. After signing the required documents, both parties agree on further actions.

Project support launch

All your employees are now operating in the system. A Customer Success Manager is assigned to support your system.