Access and user management | Studio enterprise

Manage users and permissions to ensure your data security

Easily manage access rights for users and user groups in Creatio. The platform provides flexible and scalable access control models.

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Manage access rights for user groups effortlessly

Creatio’s low-code platform supports a powerful role-based access rights management model. Set access roles for each department and user according to the organizational structure of your company.

Ensure quick and secure user authentication with Single Sign-On

Leverage the Single Sign-On (WebSSo) technology to authenticate users across all services via a single login screen. Delegate user authentication and login/password management to a trusted identity provider. The support of SAML 2.0 standard enables the system to connect to all major authentication providers.

Manage Creatio users in your corporate Active Directory

Ensure smooth integration with the corporate IT environment thanks to a centralized user administration. Populate Creatio user accounts within seconds by synchronizing users and user roles with the corporate Active Directory.

Keep track of all critical data and changes in the system

The activity log keeps a record of all critical data and enables users to retrieve information quickly. Track the chronology of events and changes in the system: what was done, who did what, and when.

Leverage native, scalable access management tools

Easily develop new solutions that natively inherit top-notch permission management and security features.