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Accelerate decision-making with Creatio’s AI-powered technologies

Use the synergy of BPM and intelligent technologies to accelerate business processes, make data-backed decisions, and simplify analytical work.

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Take advantage of universal scoring models to enhance decision-making

Set up machine learning models to score the probability of future events and assign predictive scores to leads, opportunities, customers, etc. The scores will automatically identify critical data, such as hot leads, VIP customers and priority orders.
Prediction model
Trained model
Predicted value

Accelerate business processes using tools for predictive analysis

Automate everyday routine tasks using tools for predictive data analysis. Creatio analyzes available historical data and predicts the outcome of similar future events. Use no-code predictive analysis tools to automate routine tasks like the categorization of customer accounts as well as routing of support cases, and external requests.

Create dynamic workflows with the recommended next action option

Streamline your workflows using the process-driven UI that shows your current progress, list of possible next actions, alerts, and notifications. Stay focused on important tasks and get the results you want faster with Creatio.

Enrich data using information from open sources

Automatically enrich customer account data with information from open sources using intelligent out-of-the-box data enrichment tools. Add email addresses, phone numbers, and other valuable information from open sources to account profiles.

Obtain valuable information from email threads

Extract contact information from emails using intelligent text mining technologies. Use the acquired data to create new contacts or update existing contact profiles in one click.

Streamline your process management with AI-based tools

Get rid of manual analysis and data processing routines, benefit from the comprehensive predictive analysis performed by Creatio’s software.