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Streamline platform customization with flexible development tools

Use Creatio’s native framework and customization tools to develop business apps or work in an external IDE using C# and JavaScript.

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Accelerate customization using a built-in development framework

Creatio comes with built-in customization tools and its own framework. Use internal framework standards and safety measures to accelerate development, customization, and maintenance of apps.

Use package architecture to manage customizations with maximum efficiency

Expand customization capabilities with the flexible architecture of the Creatio platform. The package architecture enables users to select entire functional blocks, and organize them as separate modules that can be installed on a different Creatio app. This helps users to easily transfer changes between development, testing and production environments.

Work in different IDEs to accelerate the platform customization

For Creatio customization, developers can use various IDEs. Creatio source files can be edited and debugged in popular development environments. This accelerates customization and makes the entire process simple and straightforward.

Use Creatio’s native ORM to work with different DBMS

Creatio is a DBMS-independent platform with its own ORM. This makes any Creatio’s solution compatible with any relational DB that is supported by the platform. The platform supports Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and PostgreSQL DBMS.

Minimize hand-coding to accelerate software development

Try Creatio’s low-code/no-code platform and get the tools you need for easy application development.