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Easily design ready-to-use mobile apps

Create mobile versions of your business apps without coding. Customize them using Creatio's low-code tools or develop new mobile apps on the platform.

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Provide instant access to necessary data with Creatio native mobile apps

Creatio’s out-of-the-box mobile applications are remote workplaces with instant access to customer data, calendar, mobile feed, etc. Apply them to synchronize user activities with team plans and stay up to date with company events 24/7.

Get access to the vital data with online and offline modes

In the “online mode,” the mobile app pulls all data directly from the cloud in real time. Working offline enables users to take snapshots of data in a fast and lightweight mobile database, which is synchronized with Creatio whenever the app goes online. Hybrid mode enables users to make the most out of slow or unstable Internet while working with recent records or browsing the calendar.

Take advantage of the mobile app configuration

With Creatio’s low-code platform, you can customize the mobile app as quickly and easily as it takes to customize the desktop application. Add new modules from the desktop app, use custom filters, and customize pages.

Create new custom mobile apps

Leverage ready-to-use frameworks, guidelines and tools to develop new mobile apps from scratch. Create custom mobile apps for your brand or in-house apps for internal use, and provide your customers with top-notch CX.

Make your custom mobile app in just a few clicks

Develop custom mobile apps on Creatio’s flexible low-code/no-code platform.