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Flexibly manage structured and unstructured processes

Speed up the automation of any business process with Creatio’s no-code tools for process modeling, execution, and monitoring.

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Design structured business processes of any complexity

Take advantage of a robust no-code editor for BPMN processes. As you model a process flow in the process designer, Creatio automatically generates the corresponding business logic.

Manage dynamic
processes in a powerful drag-and-drop editor

Build dynamic, unstructured processes (also known as “cases”) using Creatio’s no-code Case Designer. Map general workflow stages and specify conditions for every new stage. Add automatic activities and user tasks in a few clicks. When the case is completed, Creatio will guide users through its stages and prompt the next suggested actions.

Ensure the best outcomes with process-centric UI

Stay focused on critical information with an action-driven interface. You can see all process-related tasks as a single list and check reminders on the process flow. Use interactive prompts and dialogues to control your ongoing business processes.

Effectively monitor and analyze
the process execution and outcomes

Creatio stores the data on all the executed processes to help you monitor and analyze the process flow and outcomes. Keep track of process execution metrics. Visualize process data using charts and reports. Identify and eliminate bottlenecks in your processes with an easy-to-use process log.

Embrace best practice processes

Employ out-of-the-box processes and ready-to-use configurable business process templates in the Creatio Marketplace. The platform provides hundreds of templates to jumpstart implementation, expand app capabilities, and adjust the platform according to your needs.

Automate your workflows without coding

Creatio’s low-code platform provides universal tools for making business applications of any complexity.