Intelligent low-code and process management
platform with out-of-the-box solutions and templates

Everyone a developer

Leverage low-code technology to provide non-IT employees with the ability to build apps and processes they need
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Jointly design and organize processes

Creating business processes of any complexity is as easy as playing with LEGO: move elements, engage peers, comment on actions and manage all processes in a single environment

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Effortlessly build custom solutions
using low-code technologies

Thanks to powerful and flexible low-code tools even users without deep technical skills
can build new apps and make changes to existing ones. This includes building user
interfaces and business logics, defining data models, setting up machine learning
models for better decision-making

  • Business rules
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Section wizard

Easily integrate solutions
into an organization’s
digital ecosystem

Extensive integration capabilities (.Net tools, REST, SOAP, OData, open
API), sophisticated tools for identity and access control
and company org structure management allows for swift integration of
Creatio into the ecosystem of any organization

Open Data Protocol
Microsoft .NET

Accelerate app development with
out-of-the-box solutions
and templates

Simplify and accelerate app development thanks to solutions and templates that can be used out-of-the-box instead of being built from scratch


Promptly deliver
and maintain
your apps

Studio Creatio offers all tools for successful
app deployment and upgrade


Microservice architecture
Open-source technologies support
technologies support
Security at all levels
at all levels
Scalability and fault tolerance
Scalability and
fault tolerance
Extendable platform
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Free powerful tools for
collaborative process design

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Process automation and
app delivery

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