Ivy Ventures accelerated business success by setting off on the journey of turning into a low-code company

November 20, 2020

Ivy Ventures is a US-based healthcare growth solutions company that partners with hospitals and health systems to help them better understand the customer service factors driving trends in the competitive landscape. Ivy applies varied approaches to help clients distinguish them from the competition in a variety of service lines including imaging, surgery, heart and vascular, orthopedics, physical therapy, sleep, behavioral health, and more. The company uses its market knowledge to craft personalized solutions that are relational, data-driven, actionable, and measurable.

Ivy Ventures’ sales cycle and order management processes are complex and unique. To support these operations and manage them effectively, the company required tailor-made software. However, finding a perfectly fitting technology turned out to be quite challenging for Ivy Ventures. After having tried several solutions that couldn’t meet Ivy’s needs for scalability, operational transparency, and processes automation, the company came across Creatio and realized that a low-code platform is what they’ve been searching for.

Ivy Ventures Creatio healthcare low-code

With the help of Creatio, the company was able to take its operations and customer relationships to the next level. Milan diPierro, Partner & COO at Ivy Ventures, shared the company’s transformation story with Creatio at the ACCELERATE Global conference. “Ivy Ventures takes a proactive and detailed approach to converting orders into completed procedures which allow our customers almost double their business results,” highlighted Milan. “Typically, hospitals might be able to convert 50% of the orders into the completed procedure. With our unique approach that is fueled by the solutions we’ve built within Creatio platform, we are able to convert almost 95% of orders into completed procedures.”

By focusing on the key pillars of a low-code strategy – citizen development, streamlined apps roll-out, the effortless process orchestration, and consolidated and connected technologies – Ivy Ventures keeps growing its business and improving its processes continuously. Learn more about Ivy Ventures’ success with Creatio and discover the solutions that the company was able to build with the help of Creatio’s low-code capabilities in the latest success story video.

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