BPMonline CRM 5.2 Version Release Introduces New Built-In Features to Simplify the User’s Work


December 16th, 2011, BPMonline, a global provider of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and business process management (BPM) tools, announced the release of new version 5.2 of its business process management platform BPMonline and the award-winning process-centric CRM application - BPMonline CRM.
The newest version introduces significant upgrades that will allow users and administrators of BPMonline CRM to maximize productivity and optimize everyday work.
Key innovative features apply to business process management tools. A range of new BPM offerings lets non-technical users build more flexible business processes, which are fully integrated in core functionality of the system and meet the realities of today’s dynamic business landscape.
BPMonline 5.2 adds new functionality that facilitates work with different kinds of information:

  • Improved integration with social networks lets you manage interactions with clients using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Upgraded Google Map search
  • Refined emailing experience: along with tight MS Outlook integration, the ability to send and receive emails from any IMAP mail service is added
  • Lead management improvements, including lead qualification
  • Upgraded mass emailing tools

Starting your work with BPMonline CRM is now easier than ever: you can import all the data from MS Excel with a few clicks.
Besides, major improvements and upgrades were made to administrator’s workspace, which allow optimizing a user’s work.
Read What’s New BPMonline 5.2 for more details.