BPMonline CRM 5.4 integrated with QuickBooks


London, UK, 26 September 2012 – Process-based CRM specialist, BPMonline, has released the latest version 5.4 of its CRM+BPM software.

The launch of BPMonline CRM 5.4 is set to provide companies that value high-quality customer service with an even more powerful tool for managing customer relations and business processes.

QuickBooks Integration

The key addition to BPMonline CRM 5.4 is the integration with QuickBooks – one of the most popular accounting packages currently available. BPMonline CRM is now meshed with the accounting package to prevent users from having to input the same data twice on each system and ensuring data consistency throughout.

BPMonline CRM 5.4 can automatically pull data from the QuickBooks interface or the user can opt to synchronise data manually; importing sales estimates, bills, receipts, and any supplier or customer data.

Improved user customization

BPMonline CRM 5.4 has been made even more effective and user-friendly with the new customization features, meaning that any user - without the need for advanced programming knowledge - can update and customize the system: add new fields, rename and hide fields, make fields mandatory or carry out any function that an employee would need to implement in order to make the task swifter with better organisation.

New Business Process Elements and Functions

BPMonline CRM 5.4 now comes with a fully enriched arsenal of business process elements and functions.

One of the most exciting new features is the ability to add formula calculations straight into the heart of the process, directly affecting the flow of the system.

The new formula function applies calculations using the values of process parameters, system settings and variables to change the properties of the outgoing function or service.

For example, if you are sending a business offer you can set up the formula function to work through calculations and checks which decide what discount should be applied. All the parameters are checked within the formula, so the user doesn’t have to do anything manually and the invoice comes out with the discount already applied.

So all in all, the tasty new additions included in the latest version of BPMonline CRM make the interface even simpler, more user-friendly, with better access across the board whilst still retaining great potential for customization to suit the needs of any business.

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