Webinar: How to Boost Sales Performance by Employing and Automating Business Processes


BPMonline invites you to join a free webinar ‘How to Boost Sales Performance by Employing and Automating Business Processes’ and learn what rewards business process management can offer for your sales team.

A BPM approach looks inside the 'black box' of sales effectiveness to continuously improve each stage of the sales cycle. A failure to implement the right processes and automate them can lead to a breakdown in the sales, marketing or service cycle. Companies' sales processes have to be transparent, easily manageable and integrated with other internal processes.

During this webinar, we will identify the symptoms of when to begin thinking about implementing business processes for a company. You will get a better idea of how to:

  • Design and automate critical sales processes.
  • Streamline sales operations and increase competitiveness.
  • Effectively manage sales conversion.
  • Engage and motivate sales teams by enhancing internal communications.
  • Implement a structured approach for improved customer experience.

Special attention will be paid to specific requirements towards business processes automation in CRM products and how an integrated CRM+BPM solution can simplify and streamline the work of sales departments and increase manageability.

Time: 10 am CDT, November 14, 2013
Speaker: Suman Pitta, Senior Account Manager at BPMonline

We look forward to connecting with you!

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