BPMonline announces a major update of the platform - version 7.1


BPMonline, a leading global provider of customer relationship management (CRM) and business process management (BPM) solutions, today has released a new version 7.1 of its revolutionary next-generation platform BPMonline. New features incorporated in BPMonline 7.1 enable users to increase the conversion rate of leads into potential deals, quickly find the most helpful answers in an interactive knowledge base, create business processes even faster and easier.

Key Innovations

Web2Lead Form

The solution allows users to integrate BPMonline CRM with their website registration form with the click of a mouse. The users now can create their custom form and place it on a website’s landing page. Whenever the form is filled in and submitted the information from the form is transferred to the CRM system in the online mode and the process is automatically run to start working with a lead.

Set Up View

Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base became more interactive by taking on features of social networks. Specifically users can evaluate posts and share ideas and comments. Click a ‘Like’ button to vote for the most useful post and help other users quickly and easily find the most popular presentations or the most competent technical support recommendations.

Knowledge base

Sections Visibility

In BPMonline CRM 7.1 the left panel with the list of sections is customizable according to the roles or preferences of a specific employee. Such workspace customization enables a user to focus on his primary tasks. For example, you can hide ‘Opportunities’ and ‘Invoices’ sections for the users from your marketing team.

New Process Elements

The business process engine is enriched by two new elements — Timer and Page. The Timer enables a business analyst to have agility with execution time of a business process element. For example, it is possible to indicate deadlines, initiate an action to carry out in a stated time, run recurrent processes.

The Page element is a custom form which can be set up within a process diagram. This feature makes a business process more flexible as one can set up any behavior of the form and manage the flow of the process using the data from the form.

Aggregated Filters

The capabilities for data filtration are considerably extended. The records can be filtered not only by a set object but also by any of the related objects. A range of aggregate functions can be applied – total, sum, maximum, minimum, average. For example, using these options a user can filter clients, whose purchase volume exceeds certain value.


In addition to the new features described above over 300 end-users change requests have been implemented in BPMonline 7.1. All these changes make BPMonline CRM an even more reliable and engaging tool for business process and customer relationship management.

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