VIDEO: Efficient Sales Management with BPMonline CRM


Watch BPMonline CRM 7.0 system in action and learn how important it is to have a right tool in order to create and maintain efficient sales management model within the organization.

Nowadays sales managers have to deal with a number of issues on a daily basis. Dispersed information can lead to poor analysis and inability of forecasting, as a result, increasing number of lost deals. By keeping information in a single transparent sales pipeline, managers get the ability to analyze performances of their sales teams, expose bottlenecks and inefficiencies, replicate processes of most successful sales reps and increase win rates.

The video showcases how, with the help of BPMonline CRM, to manage effectively the entire sales process – from registering and qualifying a lead to successful closing of a deal.

This short demo shows how to:

  • Catch hot leads and convert them into opportunities
  • Gain instant pipeline visibility and make forecasts
  • Automate sales workflow of any complexity
  • Significantly decrease time spent on filing and reporting
  • Optimize sales processes and increase revenue

Watch the video to learn more: