Release of BPMonline XRM — a process-based CRM application with extended functionality


BPMonline, a leading global provider of customer relationship management (CRM) and business process management (BPM) solutions, is excited to announce the release of BPMonline XRM, which is an extended version of classical CRM systems. The solution inherits all the advantages of BPMonline 7.1 platform: business process management tools, cloud and on-premise deployment options, and engaging interface. Besides core CRM capabilities, BPMonline XRM provides users with the ability to effectively plan sales, manage projects and process customer cases.

The system delivers a range of extended tools that will help users to be efficient in:


BPMonline XRM allows making plans and projections within a certain timeframe and in the various contexts. Using the simple plan-fact analysis you can monitor execution and gain full control over the changes in the KPIs.


Project Management

Capabilities of BPMonline XRM go far beyond traditional functionality or customer relations management systems. Project management features allow you to set project deadlines, manage project costs, and assign tasks to responsible employees or a team, monitor progress on each task.


Service Management

Service management features enable processing and escalation of customer cases from all channels in a single environment. You will be able to classify cases by type, status, priority and urgency; assign responsible employees; set deadlines and monitor resolution progress.