Bpm’online introduces extended user customization tools in the latest major update of its platform – bpm’online 7.4


Bpm’online, a world-class vendor of process-based cloud CRM software, today has released a new version 7.4 of its revolutionary next-generation platform. Non tech-savvy users can customize all functions of bpm’online systems – from business processes to analytics – with new extended user customization tools in version 7.4.

User wizard for quick process modeling

A powerful yet simple visual process designer enables modeling and running processes in BPMN. User wizard for quick process modeling added to bpm’online 7.4 dramatically simplifies process design. The users only need to indicate the sequence of actions and owners, and bpm’online will automatically build relevant diagram in BPMN. The process is ready to run!

Business process

Extended capabilities for dashboard and chart customization

Bpm’online 7.4 has considerably simplified tools for dashboard customization. A user can easily manage dashboard lay-out, enhance it with new elements and data sets, change charts and KPIs. The system allows creating an unlimited number of dashboards and granting an employee access rights only to those he/she needs to monitor.

Drill down into the source data of any element on the dashboard and get all the details needed to make well-thought data-driven decisions and outsmart your competition.

Charts Designer

Charts Designer

Communication panel

Communication panel has become a part of bpm'online platform. No additional investment required to establish omnichannel communications by means of bpm’online. With communication panel making customer calls is quick and easy. Automatic caller identification with a snapshot of caller profile helps to provide excellent service. The history of each call is automatically linked to the relevant profile enabling to track the record of all interactions with customers.
Enhancements to the interface and bpm’online mobile app

The interface of bpm’online products is optimized to make working with the calendar, communication panel and process library even easier and more fun.

The usability of bpm’online mobile app was also enhanced. For example, there is no need to go to the task page to change the task status. It can be done directly from the task list / calendar. For your convenience the app allows to view the calendar of the other employees - finding a time slot for the team meeting is easy with bpm’online mobile. The app can be used in both online and offline mode.

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