Bpm’online releases major update of its full-cycle CRM for real estate professionals


Bpm’online is proud to announce the release of a new version of bpm’online real estate – the CRM system designed for commercial and residential real estate companies to manage every step of customer interactions from leads to transactions. Close more deals with less effort using bpm’online real estate!

The new product features enable real estate brokers and agents to manage the entire cycle from initial request, to matching listings, to negotiations and closings.

A unified customer request database allows capturing all customer requests across multiple communication channels, including calls, emails, website and meetings, which makes it virtually impossible for any request to get lost.

One of the biggest values the system provides to its users is that it merges usually fragmented processes into a consistent unified flow through the client journey and each step of the sales pipeline: from needs analysis to keys-in-hand. Within a matter of seconds, agents can match customer requests with available listings, check availability, find requested property and instantly view listings on the map.

In addition, using bpm’online real estate minimizes risks of missing a meeting or a showing. Smart time management tools allow planning activities, synchronizing tasks and calendars with Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange, along with timely notifications and reminders.

The system provides instant access to all the property information you need, including addresses and an interactive map showing the locations, descriptions, parameters, plans, images and documents. The upgraded gallery of properties in bpm’online real estate is an easy way to upload listing photos, manage their order, open images in a full screen mode, edit and delete images in the listing gallery.

In addition, the new bpm'online real estate inherits all the benefits that the bpm'online 7.4 platform provides, including the user customization tools for charts and dashboards, and the CTI panel to make and receive calls directly in the system. The system is also delivered at a very attractive price point.

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