A new regular update package for bpm’online


We are happy to inform you about a new update package for bpm’online products! The Cloud customers will be updated during the next available maintenance period. The new release features more than 40 upgrades and enhancements:

  • Business processes. We have extended the case management capabilities in the system to ensure more effective case execution. Now users can define mandatory steps when setting up the case and disable proceeding to the next stage until all mandatory steps are completed at the current stage.
  • UI customization. When adjusting a channel color in the feed, or the email template color in the content designer, or section panels color in the system designer, users can now select any color from the color palette or indicate the color code.
  • Printables. The enhancements of Word printables designer include an easier process for installation and connection to bpm’online server as well as the ability to generate hundreds of spreadsheets in a final document.
  • Bpm’online deployment. We have ensured the support of Oracle Database v.11g Release 2 and later for bpm’online products that are deployed on-site. This feature is available when purchasing the CRM bundle which includes sales enterprise, marketing and service enterprise editions, as well as the financial services product bundle of bank sales and bank customer journey.

Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades are available on bpm’online academy.

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