Bpm’online launches the culminating update package for its product line


We are happy to inform you about a new update package for bpm’online products that will be the final update package within the framework of upgrading to bpm’online 7.11! The latest release includes the following enhancements:

Predictive analytics. The new release introduces newly added AI capabilities that enable users to predict the values of any lookup field based on a predefined set of characteristics. For instance, by analyzing the previous service request history and email content of the incoming request, the system can predict the group of case assignees and automatically assign the case to the most relevant support team.

Marketing campaigns. With the help of a completely re-imagined campaign designer, with an upgraded interface, users can now:

  • Set up complex campaign branching in accordance with campaign participant segments and other criteria.
  • Create multiple entrances and exits for campaign participants.
  • Copy or edit already launched campaigns and restart the stopped ones.
  • Search for elements in a campaign diagram and restore unsaved changes.
  • Get a quicker view of а campaign progress in the campaign log.

Business processes. The latest release provides various updates to the system’s BPM capabilities:

  • A New Start Timer process element allows users to set up the business processes launch for a specific time or periods, for example, hourly, daily at 9 am or every first day of the month.
  • Users can now easily setup an approval process in any section of the system.
  • Communication panel now contains a new tab that displays business process steps that the current user has not completed yet.
  • Business process log now allows for automatic archiving of the business process log records.

Case management. New case designer elements help users to send emails based on preconfigured template, approve a document or any other information in the system, to open any page in the system to fill in or change any data, or to change access rights.

Mobile application. New filtering capabilities are available in all sections and details that feature a search bar. Moreover, the capability to configure the push notifications allows for sending users notifications and reminders with valuable updates, such as meeting reminders or feed notifications.

Marketplace. In the new “Install/ Uninstall application” section, users can now not only select and install applications from the Marketplace, but also distribute licenses.

User customization tools. In the section wizard, users can now add dashboards directly to record pages in the system interface.

Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades are available on bpm’online academy >>

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