Techwave and MosChip take home inaugural bpm’online BPM Innovation Award


Judges recognize BPM deployment successfully leveraging IoT to reduce energy usage worldwide

Bpm'online, which provides an enterprise platform for CRM and business process management, has recognized Techwave’s Business Process Management implementation with MosChip to manage their IoT initiative as the BPM Innovation Award winner for Q3 2017. The BPM Innovation Award program identifies creative and unique applications developed for bpm’online, to showcase new use cases of bpm’online technologies.

Bpm’online’s Innovation Awards are a recognition program that highlights technology in three categories: CRM Innovation, BPM Innovation, and App Innovation. Winners were scored by an independent panel of judges of industry thought leaders, analysts and customers including Jeremy Cox, Principal Analyst at Ovum, Brent Leary, co-founder and Partner of CRM Essentials, PJ Jakovljevic, Principal Analyst at Technology Evaluation Centers, and Jack Wilkinson, Director of Marketing at Trupay, Inc.

Techwave Consulting, Inc.’s strategic partnership with MosChip enhances MosChip’s position in the IoT, Semiconductor, and Systems industry. The relationship is strong and beneficial to both Techwave and MosChip, including expanding MosChip’s reach across new regions and markets. In this joint venture, MosChip provided the Internet of things (IoT) hardware infrastructure.

MosChip has innovatively customized bpm’online and interfaced it with its homegrown product, and IoT-based LED Street Light monitoring system, which enables citizens to register complaints, allows for auto case registration based on IoT real-time alerts, end-to-end back end dynamics case resolution, service level management, and analytics for trend and preventive maintenance.

We were so impressed with the IoT project Techwave and MosChip were nominated for, and the judges clearly were as well,” said bpm’online CEO Katherine Kostereva. “The goal of the Innovation Awards program was to recognize companies like these and also to surface new ideas for other customers thinking about ways to get more out of their BPM and CRM initiatives. This innovative IoT street lighting project highlights the sophisticated solution bpm’online has the ability to provide where others have failed.”

We are extremely proud of this project. Winning the inaugural bpm’online BPM Innovation Award shows that when you find the right technology partner, you can achieve anything you dream,” said Techwave Consulting, Inc. CEO Raj Gummadapu. “This project would have been more complex and time-consuming without bpm’online. In leveraging the robust BPM platform, we are scaling these street lighting projects around the globe. The IoT integrations, data collection, and processing work seamlessly with one another, which provides an exceptional customer experience with service requests. We would have needed many solutions to handle what bpm’online has been able to help us accomplish.”

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