Regular update package for bpm’online products: more agile tools for data management


We are happy to inform you about a new regular update package for bpm’online products! The latest release includes upgrades and updates that provides users with even more agile tools for data filtering, monitoring, classification and other operations.

The new release features the following enhancements:

  • Customer database management. The latest update package allows users to set up filters by dates without taking into account the ‘year’ field. This enables users, for instance, to filter the lists of contacts and accounts by their noteworthy events. Moreover, we expanded custom communication options – now users can specify the client's primary address to display it in the profile, and add new types of email and web addresses preserving the entire system logic while working with the data.
  • Business process management. The new release introduces the improved "Process Library" section that enable users to find business process diagrams faster, as well as get a more comprehensive overview of the connections between different business processes. At the same time, the entire history of process instances is now available on the page of its properties, which provides analysts with more tools to monitor the process execution.
  • Case management. In the case designer, users can configure the automatic transition between case stages, based on the completion of preceding stages or other pre-configured rules for the sub-process. In addition, when mapping a case element parameter to primary record columns, users are now able to filter the available columns by the same data type as the element parameter.
  • Service case management. The latest release features numerous improvements to bpm’online service. Cases created from incoming emails can now be categorized based on the type of the recipient’s mailbox. This will help significantly speed up the cases classification process while enabling faster case assignment to a relevant team. Users can now reopen cases from the self-service portal.
  • Email marketing. The new release introduces the improved tools for email campaigns monitoring. The updated log now contains more information about each stage of the bulk and trigger mailout. For example, the bulk email log contains more detailed info on why the email was not delivered (incorrect or irrelevant email address, email address is not specified, the recipient is unsubscribed from the newsletter, etc.).
  • Mobile application. Now users can more flexibly configure data synchronization, for instance, in case of exporting data without files. Public API enables users to limit the volumes of passed data based on the developer settings or run only certain synchronization steps.

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