5 new apps for marketing and data management on bpm’online marketplace


Step into 2018 with 5 brand-new solutions on bpm’online marketplace to boost your business results in the years ahead!

As the world is accelerating, it is crucial to have the agility to respond to market changes with lightning fast speed. Experience extended bpm’online functionality from our partners and customers to stay on track with an ever-changing business environment.

Check out these 5 new apps that will add new features and possibilities to your bpm’online system:

GDPR compliance toolkit 
This free add-on provides you with a set of tools to make your bpm’online database compliant with the key requirements of EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will come into effect in May 2018 in all EU countries. Install and easily set up data anonymization rules for all or specified contacts and related objects.

bpm’online webitel telemarketing
This robust module for outbound calls and telemarketing allows you to set up voice broadcaster and callback functionality. The module increases your outgoing calls efficiency by 100-150% through predictive dialing mode. You can also make great use of the text-to-speech feature to deliver personalized messages through voice broadcaster as well as answering machine detection to transfer only live answers to your agents.

Split tests in marketing campaigns
This free add-on extends bpm’online marketing campaign designer capabilities with the ability to setup split-tests in trigger campaigns. You can set the ratio to automatically split audience between different communication flows, measure efficiency of each flow (e.g., by amount of purchases made after the last interaction) and adjust the campaign, routing most of the campaign audience through the most efficient communication flow.

Data Management Scheduler for bpm’online
Schedule your automatic import and export sessions through Local, FTP, etc. (CSV Files) or SQL Server database connection with this easy-to-use add-on. Set up the rules for adding, updating, deleting and preserving data in bpm’online for import and export to ensure your information is consistent and accurate.

Engaging dormant customers
Stay in touch better with your customers who have gone silent and engage your sales team in learning the reasons for ceasing interacting with your brand with this free business process template. The system will automatically schedule the activities to wake dormant customers taking into account current commitments of your team. Hit Install now button and start planning today!

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