Bpm’online announces the culminating update package for its product line


We are excited to inform you about a new update package for bpm’online products that will be the final update package within the framework of upgrading to bpm’online 7.12.

New update package features more than 80 improvements and enhancements:             

  • Predictive scoring. Out-of-the-box capabilities for predictive lead scoring provide a more accurate assessment of a lead’s readiness to be handed off to sales. In addition, users are now able to set up custom scoring models to score any object in the system based on historical and real-time data (for instance, the probability of handing-off a lead to sales, successful deal closure, etc.).
  • Campaign management. Thanks to new capabilities for managing trigger campaigns, users can pick the best time for communication with their audiences. For example, the updated version of bpm’online enables to:
    • flexibly adjust the time and frequency of any campaign step execution using the new [Timer] element.
    • run campaigns for an audience in different time zones, schedule automatic campaign start and stop at the specified time.
  • Service case management. Improvements in the [Cases] section simplify the process of registration and processing of incoming requests. For example, it is now possible to create a new case in a single click on an existing case communication thread. Bpm’online will automatically reply to the email with a standard case registration notification. The option is available for both emails and messages on the self-service portal.
  • Project management. The system now provides the capability to set up project templates – users can copy the project along with all linked tasks.
  • Timeline tool. Thanks to the user-friendly interface of the [Timeline] tab, users can quickly access the history of working with a customer, lead, or opportunity. The tab displays all events connected with the current record in a chronological order and includes a set of quick filters with the ability to preview records.
  • Analytics. Bpm’online continues to enhance its [Dashboard] section: in addition to the updated layout of dashboards layout, the latest release offers more powerful tools for lists management. In addition, bpm’online users can now configure a larger number of columns in the list, enable or disable the multi-line text mode, load additional records to the list, and save the list data as * .xlsx file.
  • Multilingual capabilities. Users can now effortlessly configure different language templates for emails in the system. When sending a notification email to a client or a message to an employee, bpm’online will automatically select the appropriate template, taking into account the communication language specified in the contact page.
  • Integrations. With the new [Web services] section and a special business process element, users can configure the integration of bpm’online with third-party systems without IT involvement!
  • Business processes. Tracing mode is added to the system to simplify business process debugging. This allows users to capture the values of process parameters and its elements at the time of process start and finish. In addition, the latest release features tools to customize buttons and business rules as well as to customize pre-configured pages directly in the process designer. We also added the background process execution to enhance the user experience while performing resource-heavy process steps.
  • User customization. It is now possible to save changes in the Section Wizard without compilation, which greatly accelerates the creation of new sections and the modification of the existing ones.

Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades are available on bpm’online academy. Read the release notes >>

Learn more about the functionality that will be introduced in the upcoming regular update packages for bpm’online >>

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