Regular update package for bpm’online products


We are thrilled to announce a new update package for bpm’online products, which features even more improvements and enhancements.

The list of key capabilities include:

Machine learning models. In the latest update, configuration of predictive models has become even easier. Users now have the ability to add connected object columns to the selection of training data, enable automatic model retraining to keep them up to date, and track the training stage of the selected model.

Email marketing. The new version offers numerous content designer upgrades for deeper email templates customization. Now users are able to adjust the borders, background color and paddings, as well as send test emails to one or several recipients. Moreover, we increased the maximum allowable size of an email template to 5 Mb.

Business process management. New BPM capabilities enable logging the data of the start timer, intermediate signals and end events. What’s more, we increased the execution speed of cyclic processes and elements with a large number of parameters.

Mobile app. While viewing dashboards in the mobile application, it is now possible to view the selected chart in a full screen mode. In such case, a list of source data will appear under the chart, with an ability to switch to the selected record from the list. In addition, thanks to the caching of “Activities” section data, there is an ability to work with the schedule in the mobile app, even in the offline mode.

Deployment and development tools. The newest update features numerous system deployment innovations and a bunch of new tools for developers:

  • Bpm’online studio now supports PostgreSQL, the world’s most advanced open source database, which stands out for its high reliability and efficiency. Thanks to this update, there is no need to pay for hosting since the database can be hosted on free operating systems (Linux, Unix).
  • We also added the support for a fail-safe Redis server configuration – Redis Sentinel - which means all the components of the system are fault-tolerant and all bpm’online operating information will remain intact even if the initial version of Redis fails. If one of the Redis servers crashes, it automatically switches to another server so that bpm’online can continue working smoothly.
  • The compilation of the configuration (Assembly) is now performed in the file system, and not in the database. Thanks to this, we accelerated the compilation and system launch processes.
  • It is now possible to work with the system in a debugging mode.

Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades are available on bpm’online academy. Read the release notes>>

Learn more about the functionality that will be introduced in the upcoming regular update packages for bpm’online>>

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