Regular update package for Creatio products

The new version features more tools to manage the structure and appearance of a forecast. We’ve added several additional options for Machine Learning model setup and made a number of changes to Service Creatio. Discover the full list of updates!
Regular update package for Creatio products

We are excited to introduce a new update package for Creatio products, which features even more improvements and enhancements.

The new version updates include:

Sales forecasting. The latest release features even more tools to manage the structure and appearance of a forecast. Users can now add multiple records to a forecasting section, pin the total column of a forecast as well as delete forecast strings. Editing the forecast name and hierarchy after saving the forecast is also possible.   

Case management. A number of changes were made to Service Creatio. In particular: 

  • We’ve improved the UX of case messaging on the Processing tab by making internal and external communications visually different. Dividers in emails are now displayed as dotted lines.
  • You can now view sender and recipient addresses by clicking Details in emails displayed on the Processing tab of a case page.
  • Working with large images in the email body is now more convenient. Click an image to expand it to its full size.
  • If an email sender does not have a contact profile photo, the message thumbnail will display the contact’s initials.

Business process management. Creatio’s business process functionality has been revamped. Some of the changes include:

  • Users can take advantage of the Creatio no-code tools to handle data collections in Creatio’s business processes. A collection parameter is passed to a sub-process element, which runs a separate instance of the sub-process per each collection instance.
  • The direction of process parameters is now visually identified in the setup area: outgoing, incoming, and bidirectional. Displaying the parameter direction makes it easier to map the sub-process element parameters and enables you to see which parameters require incoming values and which are populated after the sub-process instance is completed.
  • If you import a BPMN process diagram from Studio Creatio, free edition, the imported process will include a link to its description in Studio Creatio, free edition, providing additional information for post-import setup. You can also edit the process description link in the setup area of the Process Designer.

Predictive data analysis. Creatio provides users with the ability to create the most relevant next-best offer recommendations using Machine Learning models. No coding is required for setting up the model parameters, saving the prediction results, and implementing the model via the BPMN process element. In the latest release, we’ve added several additional options for Machine Learning model setup. Now users can:

  • Limit the maximum and the minimum number of records used for model training
  • Set an algorithm of selecting values for the classification
  • Set possible options for selecting parameters of the suggested prediction models

Analytics. Now, all Creatio products provide the ability to set up pivot tables. With their help, you can group and consolidate data, which makes your analysis more convenient. 

In addition to the standard counting functions (number of records, minimum and maximum value, etc.), new ones were added. New functions for working with data in the pivot tables include calculating the number and median of unique records. 

Mobile application. The update includes enhancements to the mobile application. You can now work with approvals in the Creatio mobile app. Users can both approve and reject records. Use Mobile Wizard to enable section approvals. 

User customization tools. Now it is much easier to work with printables in Creatio. In the newest update, we’ve updated the UI in the report setup section and added several hints on populating the report setup page. Quick access to the “The MS Word printables setup” guide is also available in the newest release. 

System Administration. Marketing Creatio and Financial Services Creatio now support .NET Core. You can learn more about Creatio support of the .NET Core platform in the “Creatio on the .NET Core platform” article.

Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades are available on Creatio Academy

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