The Next Creatio Arena Airs on June 18, Discusses Digital Transformation: Leadership VS Technology

The Next Creatio Arena Airs on June 18

Creatio, a global software company providing a leading low-code platform for process management and CRM, today announced that the company will hosts the next Creatio Arena on June 18. The opponents of the live debate will discuss whether leadership or technology is the biggest challenge in the digital transformation process.

Creatio has invited Daniel Elman, Senior Analyst at Nucleus Research, and Steffen Dudda, Managing Director at Qualysoft, to debate on what it takes to succeed at transforming businesses. The potential of emerging technologies is staggering. Strong leadership is another pillar for success. During Creatio Arena, speakers will try to find out which of these two major factors is the biggest potential challenge in driving vital changes in organizations. Attendees will get a chance to discover new angles of this pressing topic, data-backed insights and witty arguments from experts during the live session.

The live battle of opinions is airing at 10 am EDT | 4 pm CET | 3 pm BST on June 18, 2020. Everyone is welcome to vote and comment during the live session to support arguments and express their viewpoints.

Topic: Digital transformation: Is leadership or technology the biggest challenge?

Speakers: Daniel Elman, Senior Analyst, Nucleus Research

Daniel Elman is the Senior Analyst at Nucleus Research in the customer relationship management (CRM), analytics, and digital infrastructure programs. Daniel has written extensively about the respective markets; focusing on ROI assessments of digital transformation projects and researching to understand how to maximize the value realized by an organization after deploying a solution. Other notable research topics include machine learning and AI as they are applied to real-world use cases; containerization and cloud infrastructure, marketing automation, and transitioning applications from on-premises to cloud environments.

Steffen Dudda, Managing Director, Qualysoft

Steffen Dudda has 20 years of experience with implementing CRM /CXM projects from a variety of industries and project sizes. He joined the Qualysoft team in January 2015. In 2½ years he has built up a team of over 40 employees in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia and Serbia. During this time, he grew the revenue from 0 to a high single-digit million Euro range and was responsible for more than 100 customer projects in technical implementation and support. As a Managing Director of Qualysoft in Germany, he focuses on helping customers (some are also in the Fortune 500 List) to navigate through their digitalization journey.

Hosts: Erik Hale, Global Head of Sales Enablement, Creatio

Erik brings more than 20 years of experience in the software industry with a deep focus in worldwide business development and customer success. He is responsible for global sales enablement at Creatio and ensures strategic alignment across business and customer functions. Erik has profound domain expertise in low-code, business process automation and CRM technologies for the financial and banking industries.

Alex Petrunenko, Product Evangelist, Creatio

Alex has extensive experience in business analysis, product management, business development, and solution selling. He has domain expertise in low-code, process automation, and CRM technologies.

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