Regular Update Package for Creatio Products

We are pleased to announce that the Creatio 8.0.2 update package is here! The following new capabilities and improvements have been added to the Creatio product line. 

We are pleased to announce that the Creatio 8.0.2 update package is here! The following new capabilities and improvements have been added to the Creatio product line.

Freedom UI Designer. We continue to further improve our platform’s no-code UI design functionality so that even non-technical users can create beautiful and flexible UI layouts without writing a single line of code.  

  • We added more freedom to configure tabs on UI pages. It is now possible to change the tab style, use icons for tab titles, and copy tabs together with their content. 
  • We expanded options for the button configuration. It is now possible to quickly change the size of a button during the UI design process as well as set up a multi-level menu with available actions for the button. Also, the new “Refresh data” button action was added to enable the user to refresh data without refreshing the entire page.  
  • Input fields now support placeholders that may contain text and links, such as hints or references to the user documentation.  

Freedom UI management. Freedom UI management was streamlined with new capabilities and improvements.  

  • We added row numbering in lists for faster navigation as well as expanded the use of keyboard for working with cells and list content. 
  • Current folder tree settings are now stored in the user profile and are applied to each user on an individual basis. 
  • It is now possible to drill down the chart data, as well as dynamically change the chart type. 

Business processes. The accuracy of AI-powered process design recommendations was further improved. Now while designing a workflow, the user is presented with the recommendations for not only the most probable next process element but also for the element’s configuration settings. 

Application hub. It is now possible to download an app as an archive to transfer it to different environments. Also, the app installation page features a new improved UI. 

Integrations. We added the integration with an external Azure Blow Storage file repository. If the integration is applied, the files attached to emails are saved to Azure Blob Storage automatically. This reduces the Creatio database size without introducing file restrictions as well as the time spent on database maintenance. 

Administration. It is now possible to deploy global search and bulk duplicate search components using the Kubernetes orchestrator and Helm package manager. 

Performance. It is now possible to limit the number of threads required to execute a database query, which reduces the influence of resource intensive operations on a user workflow. 

Development tools. To provide for smooth continuity between Creatio platform generations, we added the capability to use UI elements of the previous Creatio generation on the latest Freedom UI pages. Also, it is now possible to develop custom WCF web services using non-standard text encodings for .NET Framework apps, such as ISO-8859, ISO-2022, etc.  

Detailed descriptions of all the new features and upgrades are available in the Creatio Academy. 

You can also read the release notes HERE