Creatio Releases New Solutions on the Creatio Marketplace to Help Users Drive Success in Finserv, FMCG, Insurance, Automotive Industries, and Boost E-commerce

New applications, connectors, and add-ons to help users better leverage industry-oriented workflows, streamline e-commerce operations and improve communication and productivity across teams
Creatio Releases New Solutions on the Creatio Marketplace to Help Users Drive Success in Finserv, FMCG, Insurance, Automotive Industries, and Boost E-commerce

Creatio, a global vendor of one platform to automate workflows and CRM with no-code and a maximum degree of freedom, together with its partner community, presents the latest applications, connectors, and add-ons released on the Creatio Marketplace. There are over 400 apps that extend Creatio’s capabilities available to its users. The newest additions include solutions to streamline finserv operations, automate FMCG workflows, leverage an e-commerce ecosystem, improve communication with customers and employees, and much more. Below is the list of some for your consideration: 

Vertical solutions:  

Banza Corporate Lending for Creatio has been recently updated by its developer and our long-standing tech partner Banza IT. The app is an enterprise solution to streamline a corporate lending process. It enables users to enhance customer journey from a lead consulting to the signing of a credit agreement.  

miCPQ Insurance for Creatio is a one-step solution to boost the sales of insurance products by streamlining the quote generation process. The app automatically generates quotes based on individual customer needs, provides tools to manage product prices, and streamline negotiations with clients.   

SalesUp FMCG management for Creatio is designed for manufacturers and distributors of the FMCG market. The app enables users to streamline trade marketing activities, improve budget management, and boost the efficiency of business units and distribution networks.  

MasterCRM Automotive Creatio is the solution for the automotive industry. The app automates a wide range of marketing, sales, and service workflows thus increasing conversion, deals closure, and ensuring unparalleled customer experiences.   

Prengi service for Creatio enables users to simultaneously navigate Creatio and Prengi, a platform to leverage real estate maintenance processes. The app provides Creatio users with all-round info about their employees, facilities, equipment, and allows users to manage the data directly from Creatio.    

Connectors for e-commerce:   

Shopify connector for Creatio streamlines the data exchange between Creatio and the popular e-commerce platform. The app enables users to upload contacts, products, and orders from Creatio to Shopify and back, providing validity to the links between the transferred entities. 

Mapsly Connector for Creatio is an easily customizable map for geo-analysis, routing, territory management, and prospecting. The connector helps companies better manage sales territories, bulk-add prospects, and leverage CRM workflows and automation. 

FedEx Connector for Creatio enables users to leverage FedEx shipping workflows directly from Creatio. The app streamlines order and delivery management for users utilizing Creatio and the FedEx delivery services. 

File management connectors:  

DocuWare Connector for Creatio is designed to streamline the data flow between Creatio and DocuWare, the cloud-based document management & workflow automation solution. The app enables Creatio users to upload and manage their files directly in the DocuWare.   

DropBox connector for Creatio enables users to seamlessly manage files while navigating Creatio and DropBox. The app streamlines integration between the two solutions and allows users to send files from Creatio to the DropBox storage and vice versa.   

Communication tools:  

SalesUp Multichannel Bulk Messaging for Creatio is a great tool to streamline communication with customers and prospects. It helps users set up and launch bulk and trigger messages by SMS, through mobile apps, social media, and messaging platforms. The app is a great fit for companies looking to enhance their customer engagement and increase the efficiency of marketing and sales departments.   

Banza bot constructor for Creatio enables users to create 24/7 chatbots to streamline personalized communication with clients and colleagues. Chatbot assistants, created with the app, can be used to send newsletters and/or reminders to target segments, manage orders and service requests, and conduct surveys and questionnaires.   

Banza chat aggregator for Creatio is an all-in-one online consulting tool to communicate with customers across multiple channels, elevating the business's customer service experience. The app was designed primarily for B2C companies to boost customer engagement and improve customer communication efficiency.  

Connectors to meeting services:  

Google Meet connector for Creatio was designed to export meetings from Creatio to the Google Meet platform and join via the Creatio interface. The solution streamlines communication processes for anyone extensively utilizing both platforms in their work.   

GoTo Meeting connector for Creatio enables users to schedule, join, and manage online meetings directly from Creatio. The app eliminates the need to switch between the two platforms. 

Find other useful applications on the Creatio Marketplace and stay tuned for more information on other solutions.