Regular update package for Creatio products
In the newest release, we’ve added integration with the SendGrid service for sending bulk emails and trigger emails. We’ve improved the process designer UX and added new analytical dashboards for sales, orders, campaigns, and leads. Discover the full list of updates!
Creatio Introduces its Low-code App Development Course on Udemy
Creatio has introduced a low-code app development course using the Creatio platform on Udemy! The course will help you master the art and science of business software development without coding skills required.
Creatio Invites to a Product Battle: Creatio vs Salesforce
On July 16 Creatio is hosting a Product Battle: Creatio vs Salesforce. The comparison will showcase the capabilities and functionality of each product as well as their prices so tech and digital leaders can evaluate them according to their business’s needs.
 Segezha Group continues scaling Creatio across its branches to provide European customers with a cutting-edge user experience
Segezha Group, an international forest industry holding company, has recently completed implementation of Creatio’s low-code platform for its employees in Achern, Germany. Learn more about Segezha Group’s experience with Creatio.
Creatio Introduces Three New Software Solutions on Creatio Marketplace to Deliver Exceptional Services to Clients
The apps will help you facilitate risk management, establish an effective inbound and outbound call сenter strategy, as well as deliver remote consultations and digital wellbeing services to employees, customers, and patients.
Creatio Arena on July 2nd: Will Citizen Developers Take Over the Traditional Developers' Place?
Creatio has invited Radosław Zegadło, Software Development Director at Digital Care Group, and Frederico Mussi, Co-founder partner of Taugan, to debate about the future of Information Technology.
Creatio Announces New Regional Language Partnerships with Qualysoft and imDigital
Creatio’s integrator partners Qualysoft and imDigital have joined the Regional Language Partnership program.
Creatio's Digital Events Roundup for July 1st-17th
Check out a quick roundup of webinars for the first half of July. Creatio Arena, Thought Leadership, Product Battle, Industry in Focus, Digital Circles, E-Lunch & Learn sessions and Industry-Specific webinars are waiting for you.
Manufacturing Industry in The New Normal: When Technological Agility Is No Longer Optional
Join the webinar on June 25 to find out why low-code technology is a powerful asset your organization can use to thrive in post COVID-19 reality. Learn about the concept of "citizen developers" and why it empowers organizations to be more agile in times of crisis.
reatio Introduces New Corporate Trainings: “Project Support on Creatio Platform” & “Process Modeling Using BPMN and Case Management Framework”
Creatio launched new corporate trainings in its Academy: “Project support on Сreatio platform” and “Process modeling using BPMN and case management framework.” Both programs are available on demand.