SCRM Conference. Day I


At September 15 and 16 social media gurus conducted Social CRM training. The training venue is one of SAP offices, they have excellent balcony with a gorgeous view of the Valley.

Mr. Bruce Culbert started the day with a brief agenda of the first training day and did his best to convince audience that BTP Partners is a very cool company :)

Then we listened to Mr. Paul Greenberg for about two hours. He presented the “social customer” concept and explained how business should adapt to succeed in these scenarios. The key shift is to focus efforts towards generating a positive customer experience,. If we look at some statistics, in 2010, 60% of consumers listen to their peers when making purchases. This is an increase of more than 25% compared to 2008.

The following presentation by SAP took about half an hour and was about their SCRM solution. BTW, they demoed the solution on an iPad.

After a short lunch we met Mr. Esteban Kolsky. He shared his experience about building the SCRM platform in a particular case. In general, this approach is the same as old-fashioned ‘Customer Relationship Strategy’ that use ‘classical’ communication channels. The main differences are hidden inside the tactical level.

The next day we're going to speak about social marketing, differences for B2C and B2B approaches and NPS (Net Promoter Score).


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