This book would have never been created without the thoughtful leadership of Andie Dovgan, Creatio’s Chief Growth Officer. Thank you for driving the creative process forward, your never-ending optimism and trust in our team, your bright ideas, and your selfless support at every step of the journey.

Huge thanks to the research and development (R&D), innovation, and project leaders. Lena, Ivan, Vitaliy, and Anton, your immense experience in the no-code space, deep understanding of every concept outlined in the book, and ability to leave no stone unturned have inspired us!

The team that has orchestrated the process, edited, corrected and, finally, published the book by investing great effort, time, and sleepless nights — you are our heroes! Vlad, Kate, and Julia — without your hard work, we wouldn’t have accomplished this mission.

Constantin, Nina, and the team of designers — your talent for bringing ideas to life through art is truly special. We’re big fans of your creations. Thank you for being a major part of this journey!

Thank you, Ginny, editor and reader advocate, for your brilliant mind. Thank you, Brandon, for your insightful comments and feedback.

The whole Creatio Community — your excitement about the book, plus your contributions and collaboration, made this book even better than we could have ever imagined!