Digital transformation is becoming more and more essential for the companies that aim at improving their business activities, processes and models. Recent studies state that 77% of businesses define digital transformation among their prime strategic priorities. Moreover, companies that have already undertaken it observe 26% higher profits than their industry competitors.


During the webinar, Barton Goldenberg highlights the core challenges that companies can face on their way to digital transformation and discovers the keys to successfully drive this transformation within organizations.

Webinar participants have an opportunity to evaluate where they stand with digital transformation and what are the key approaches, tools and technologies to help them reach agility to respond quickly to the market changes and deliver enhanced customer engagement.

Featured guest speaker

Barton Goldenberg

Barton Goldenberg,Founder & president of ISM, Inc. and author of ‘The Definitive Guide to Social CRM’

Barton Goldenberg is a CRM industry pioneer who has played one of the leading roles in the CRM industry since 1985, when the concept of CRM was just being shaped.


Michael Rooney

Michael Rooney,SVP and General Manager at Creatio

Michael Rooney brings more than 20 years of experience in the software industry, building and managing various departments from sales and marketing to customer services.

Watch the webinar and you will:

  • Learn what digital transformation is, and what is driving it
  • Review a structured approach to achieving successful digital transformation, including both process and technology components
  • See why CRM is the foundation of the digital transformation process
  • Gain insight into how Creatio tools and techniques contribute to successful digital transformation
  • Learn about key obstacles to achieving digital transformation

Don’t miss out on learning how process-led transformation can create greater value for your business and become a core of your digital transformation efforts!