Recent studies show, that 75% of consumers say they would spend more money with a company because of a positive customer experience. How do investment in next generation CRM help businesses enhance customer journey?

Featured guest speaker

Leslie Ament

Leslie AmentSVP Research & Principal Analyst at Hypatia Research Group


Michael Rooney

Michael RooneySVP and General Manager at Creatio

Learn how top performers use customer analysis and insight:

  • Improve enterprise level operational business processes.
  • Guide marketers, sales professionals and contact center agents on best practices for customer engagement and/or offer management.
  • Redesign workflows and use of business process automation to configure and/or automate repeatable processes.
  • Realize that customer engagement intelligence doesn't reside only in a CRM application: it lives throughout and beyond the enterprise.
  • Transform into a truly anticipatory customer-centric enterprise by replacing inside-out business processes (resource optimization) with purpose-built business processes designed from the outside-in (customer focused).

Don’t miss out on learning how next generation CRM can be the right tool to transform business into a customer-centric enterprise providing a seamless consistent experience while your customer makes a journey from a lead to loyalty.