Companies that have employed a formal process observe 18% higher revenue than companies that haven't. Moreover, 43% of the companies observe an increase in efficiency after two months of integration with business process automation software. Therefore, organizations that are seeking solutions to help them adapt to an ever-changing business environment need to consider building formalized business processes that comprise a set of well-thought-out actions in order to enhance the customer experience and cut operating expenses.


During the one-hour webinar, Rebecca Wettemann highlights the key values of a process-driven approach to CRM and explores the challenges and best strategies for planning, budgeting for, and executing on a next-generation CRM deployment..

Participants will leave armed with a checklist for objectively evaluating their current CRM successes, identifying the best opportunities for improvement, and presenting a credible business case.

Featured guest speaker

Rebecca Wettemann

Rebecca Wettemann,VP at Nucleus Research

With a 20 year technology research background, Rebecca Wettemann is an expert on the financial analysis of technology and is the author of numerous return on investment (ROI) studies and reports.


Michael Rooney

Michael Rooney,SVP and General Manager at bpm’online

Michael Rooney brings more than 20 years of experience in the software industry, building and managing various departments from sales and marketing to customer services.

Watch the webinar and explore the best ways to:

  • Shrink the value gap for CRM users by equipping them with agile and dynamic business processes
  • Gain flexibility and the agility to achieve required process changes in a much smoother and rapid pace
  • Take advantage of a unified BPM platform that connects the dots between marketing, sales and service
  • Leverage dynamic processes and comprehensive analytics capabilities to simplify strategic decision making
  • Enable your organization to quickly evaluate and prioritize CRM efforts to maximize ROI

Don’t miss out on learning how a process-driven approach to CRM helps businesses gain a competitive advantage by enabling them to streamline business operations, improve customer experience and better engage with customers across different channels.