International Business Developer Makes Use of BPMonline Software to Improve Service and Increase Efficiency


The award-winning BPMonline CRM application has been chosen by international business tourism specialists Global Conferences to streamline processes within the company, improve customer service and significantly increase productivity.

As Global Conferences extended its reach across the globe with ever-increasing business opportunities, the company found that using the existing customer management software was not sufficient to manage its rapidly expanding customer database.

A common problem occurred when different staff members ended up dealing with the same customer on the same issue. Apart from the resulting inefficiencies and wasted time on processes, this also had an adverse effect on customer relationships and was unfortunately difficult to prevent with the current system.

Another significant problem was the lack of an appropriate medium to view the complete information about the particular clients. As contact details were stored in one file and all documentation kept separately, this made processing requests unnecessarily time consuming and inefficient, again getting in the way of the effective running of the business and having a negative impact on customer relations.

Global Conferences wanted to replace its manual systems with a CRM solution that would improve service, facilitate customer communications, streamline labor intensive processes and consolidate its existing databases in order to minimize the duplication of processes and effectively monitor and manage sales data.

After looking at the various suppliers on the market, Global Conferences made the decision to use BPMonline CRM. “As our customer database began to grow, trying to process all information manually was quickly becoming an impossible task and our processes were rapidly spiraling out of control. The introduction of BPMonline CRM could not have been more timely or well received as it helped us to automate routine tasks, analyze our strengths and weaknesses more effectively, whilst making repeat transactions a thing of the past,” says Andy Rekukha, Managing Director of Global Conferences.

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About Global Conferences

Global Conferences is a company specializing in bringing key players together from the educational, medicine and real estate industries. For over 5 years GC has been helping companies develop business critical relationships and find like-minded partners in other countries, organizing high quality business events that produce long-lasting relationships that are mutually beneficial to both companies. Global Conferences currently works with clients in more than 20 countries across the world, including United Kingdom, USA, Japan and China.