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The CRM industry is a mature market with plenty of CRM vendors to choose from. Nonetheless, Creatio has an extensive network of more than 500 trained and certified systems integrators and consulting partners in 35 countries around the world. What is it about Creatio that makes its community of systems integrators and consulting companies want to partner with the company? To answer this question, Creatio invited several of its CRM partners to the stage at its ACCELERATE event in Boston (May 3-4, 2018). The bulleted responses below are from the presenters’ slide decks.

CRM Integrator: Sopra Steria Consulting AG

Employees: 41,661 (as of 2017)

Presenter: Dr. Elmar Stenzel

Title: Associate Director, CRM

Why did CRM integrator Sopra Steria partner with Creatio?

  • Transformation: CRM [is] in a lot of digital transformation activities
  • BPM is key: If you want to do a digital transformation, you need a business process management platform.
  • One system: One system versus portfolio of acquired solutions.
  • Architecture: Modern architecture, great no code possibilities
  • Easiness: Based on .Net technology. This makes it easy for us to switch.

CRM + BPM = Digital Transformation

The term “digital transformation” has been getting a lot of attention lately. It can mean very different things to many companies. However, Sopra Steria recognizes that CRM can be a big part of an organization’s digital transformation strategy.

Creatio agrees. In fact, the company maintains that for organizations to succeed in digital transformation they need to accelerate the four stages of digital transformation: the implementation, adoption, alignment, and change stages. To successfully transition through all four stages requires a unified and intelligent CRM system and business process management platform.

To facilitate the implementation stage, the CRM system should offer sales, marketing, and customer service solutions, as well as additional business applications right out of the box. This enables organizations to recognize business benefits quickly. A good CRM system will also help organizations successfully transition through the next stage, the adoption stage, by delivering an engaging user interface and artificial intelligence that delivers next-best action recommendations for users.

As for the alignment stage, that’s where the business process management (BPM) platform shines by enabling cross-functional orchestration. Finally, the BPM platform accelerates change with an agile low-code platform, enabling professional developers and citizen developers to create and modify business applications quickly.

CRM Integrator: Evoqia

Presenter: Tom Symoens

Title: Managing Director

Why did CRM integrator Evoqia partner with Creatio?

  • Industry analyst reports
  • Functionalities
  • User experience
  • Pricing
  • Organization
  • People

CRM Market Reports

The Gartner Magic Quadrants and Forrester Wave reports will do wonders for an organization’s credibility. Landing on any one of these reports means your organization has arrived. Simply put, these reports matter…a lot, which is why they get a significant amount of attention. In the past few years, Creatio has landed on five Gartner Magic Quadrant reports and five Forrester Wave reports. They are listed below:

Gartner Magic Quadrant Reports

  1. CRM Lead Management
  2. Sales Force Automation
  3. CRM Customer Engagement Center
  4. Intelligent Business Process Management Suites
  5. Enterprise High-Productivity Application Platform as a Service

Forrester Wave Reports

  1. Lead-to-Revenue Management Platform Vendors (2016)
  2. Sales Force Automation (2017)
  3. Customer Service Solutions for Midsize Teams (2017)
  4. CRM Suites for Midsize Organizations (2016)
  5. Cloud-Based Dynamic Case Management (2018)

CRM systems integrators invest a lot of time, training, and money into their CRM vendor partnerships, so it’s smart for them to partner with brands that are recognized by leading IT research companies. Doing so naturally makes it easier for CRM partners to sell Creatio’s CRM and business process management solutions.

CRM Pricing

Another important consideration when selecting a CRM vendor partner is pricing. Let’s face it, every company, regardless of size, wants to get the most out of their CRM system without breaking the bank. For a CRM systems integrator to offer a comprehensive, unified CRM system that offers sales, marketing, customer support, and additional business applications that are built on top of a unified, low-code business process management platform is very compelling.

For pricing information on Creatio CRM and BPM products, visit the links below:

Creatio Sales>>

Creatio Marketing>>

Creatio Service>>

Creatio Studio>>

CRM Integrator: Success with CRM Consulting, Inc.

Presenter: Richard Wooden

Title: Founder and President

Why did Success with CRM Consulting partner with Creatio?

  • A growing market coming into the USA/Canada
  • Fit our clients’ major requirements
  • Has several vertical market offerings
  • Affordable customer pricing and two deployment options
  • Academy was a wealth of online resources
  • Feedback from existing Creatio partners was positive

Creatio products are available in the cloud to facilitate implementation and ongoing maintenance efforts. The company’s products are also available on-premises for organizations looking to keep sensitive data behind their own firewalls.

If you are looking for a Creatio CRM integrator, please visit this link>>

Creatio is growing its U.S. partner network and customer base. If you are a CRM integrator and you would like to become a Creatio partner, please visit this link>>


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